Golden Watering Can

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Penny filling the Golden Watering Can with her Jet Tank One
“I bet you want me to turn that junk into something awesome. I'm on it!”
Penny, WarioWare: Get It Together!

The Golden Watering Can is an object in WarioWare: Get It Together!

The Golden Watering Can is a combination of three separate golden treasures: the Golden Beehive found at the end of All Mixed Up, the Golden Toilet Paper Roll found at the end of Super Hard, and the Golden Holey Mug found at the end of Thrill Ride. Just before finding each of these items, some sort of brown monster is seen escaping from the level and leaves a treasure chest containing each tower's respective item. After finding the Golden Holey Mug, they find a note from the brown monster, daring them to combine their three treasures. However, the crew does not know how to combine the three objects. Dr. Crygor decides to contact his granddaughter Penny for assistance.

Meanwhile, at Penny's lab, she has just finished constructing her new invention, the Jet Tank One. She uses it to fly over to where her grandfather and the crew are. She combines their treasures into the Golden Watering Can and fills it with water using her Jet Tank One. The filled Golden Watering Can then floats over to a nearby toilet, which it fills with water. This causes a beanstalk to grow up from the toilet, into the clouds. After watering the toilet, the Golden Watering Can disappears, making Wario sad.