Gotta Bounce

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The title screen for Gotta Bounce
Gotta Bounce title screen

Gotta Bounce is one of the Variety Pack games in WarioWare: Get It Together!. It is a variant of Bounce Back.


Players can freely select which crew members they want to choose. The objective of this game is to prevent a ball from touching the ground. In multiplayer mode, points are only scored when the player of the current turn touches the ball, but players aren't penalized if they touch the ball when it isn't their turn. The longer players keep the ball up, random events have a chance to occur. When an event is about to occur, "WARNING!" shows up once the ball has been in play for long enough. Every 300 points, the ball will change to an American football, to Saturn, and finally to a UFO. The score is capped at 9999.

List of events[edit]

  • All players change crew members.
  • Rain and lightning strike the field. Lightning stuns players for a few seconds.
  • Blocks appear at the top of the screen.
  • Other balls rain from the sky and disappear once they touch the ground.
  • Kitty litter from Kitty Business rains, intensifying gravity and slowing down its movement.

Most events last for approximately ten seconds.


Names in other language[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Palleggi a perdifiato
Dribbling at breakneck speed