Doris 1

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Doris 1
Doris 1
Species Robot
First appearance WarioWare Gold
Portrayed by Fryda Wolff
“My creator... WAS YOU! YOU LEFT ME TO DIE! I will, I will, I will END YOU NOW!”
Doris 1, WarioWare Gold

Doris 1 is a female robot first appearing in WarioWare Gold.

Doris enraged at Crygor for abandoning her.

Doris 1 first appears in Agate Forest and states that she was abandoned by her original creator. She blames Dr. Crygor for abandoning her and chases him while Mike watches from the sidelines.

Doris 1 is later taken back to Dr. Crygor's Lab out of generosity from Dr. Crygor. She then contradicts Mike's claims that there is no paranormal activity in Agate Forest, hinting that the fungi in the forest are paranormal.


WarioWare Gold character cards[edit]

  • Rank CDoris 1 lived in the woods for a long time after being abandoned. She swept leaves in the tidiest of piles.
  • Rank BDoris 1 keeps a very potent soap in her right pocket. In her left, she keeps acorns that she's gathered up.
  • Rank ADoris 1's outer casing was once a different color, but it faded in the sun. Still, it's quite a nice hue.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クリナ
A female given name and a corruption of kurīnā (cleaner).
French (NOA) Doris 01 -
French (NOE) Doris 01 -