Mewtroid 2: Return of Sameow

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Mewtroid 2: Return of Sameow
Appears in WarioWare Gold
Type Minigame Souvenir
Info "Your favorite cat-action-shooting game got a sequel! Captured by Mewtroid, Sameow must take on more dangerous enemies than she's ever faced before. Tilt your system to control gravity, and fire up that laser beam!"
Controls Tilt motion control - Tilt room
A Button - Shoot beam

Mewtroid 2: Return of Sameow is a souvenir featured in WarioWare Gold. It is a minigame which can be unlocked in the game's Toy Room. It is a sequel to the original Mewtroid from WarioWare: Twisted!, and its name is a play on the game Metroid II: Return of Samus.

The player controls Sameow, who is hanging from the wall of a spacecraft, and must shoot down as many enemies as possible by tilting the system; Sameow's range is as far as the top screen. Defeating a creature yields 100 points; after the green creatures are defeated, they can take other enemies and cause point chains by rotating the console. After several enemies are defeated, a large green creature emerges from the bottom screen. It can be defeated if four of the green creatures fall into its mouth, and gives 10000 points. The game ends if an enemy touches Sameow.