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Wario Deluxe
Wario Deluxe and Lulu sprite for WarioWare Gold
Sprite of Wario Deluxe with Lulu from WarioWare Gold.
Applies to Wario
Item needed Pot of Luxeville
First appearance WarioWare Gold (2018)
“Oh! The money! The power! I feel it – inside! Gurgling! ... Building! It's... it's, uh... EXPLOSIVE!”
Wario Deluxe, WarioWare Gold
Wario Deluxe in WarioWare Gold

Wario Deluxe is a form that Wario takes in WarioWare Gold after putting on the Pot of Luxeville on his head as though it were a hat, granting him special powers.

After stealing the Pot of Luxeville, Wario realized that he was out of money, so he hosts a gaming tournament to make some quick cash. However, when the player wins and comes to collect the reward, Wario greedily claims it for himself and puts the pot on his head. The pot suddenly turns into a crown with Wario's insignia, he gains a golden suit, his eyes turn red and his voice becomes deeper and more menacing, giving him his Wario Deluxe form as a result. The sky turns dark and Wario Deluxe appears on a hot air balloon shaped like his head with several more balloons.

Wario Deluxe challenges the player to some more microgames but then starts cheating by using his new powers to scramble the control warnings after 10 microgames, although if the player listens closely, the control scheme voice is faintly high-pitched, meaning the player might tell what control scheme is up next.[1] After the player endures 4 microgames, Wario Deluxe tauntingly asks the player if it is getting too tough and allows them to give up. Just then, Lulu appears to fire some arrows at his balloons to pop them and grab the pot to stop Wario Deluxe from continuing to cheat, allowing the player to defeat him.

Lulu then demands Wario Deluxe to return her the pot, but he refuses to do so, so Lulu uses her Hydrocannon LX on him, causing the pot to fall off and reverting him back to regular Wario.

Wario Deluxe also appears in the side mode Wario Interrupts where he distracts the player every three microgames. Winning microgames fills up a meter for a Hero Button which, once fully charged up, can be used to summon Lulu who will temporarily stop these interruptions.

Despite appearing to be possessed or powered up by the Pot of Luxeville in this form, his character cards suggest that he is no more powerful than normal, bought the tuxedo himself, and has bloodshot eyes simply due to a lack of sleep. In spite of this, he demonstrates some abnormal abilities, as he has abilities to hide the control type prompts with his hands, summon a giant glass of wine, summon three Tiny Wario heads attached to balloons, and cover the touch screen with paint blobs.

Unlike most other characters in the game, Wario Deluxe appears to mock the player for losing a microgame, which implies that he wants the player to lose. However, he does show a disappointed expression whenever the player loses on any of his microgames in the Index mode.


Wario Deluxe Wario Kard sprite for WarioWare Gold

WarioWare Gold character cards[edit]

  • Rank CThis is Wario after transforming himself by doing... something. But is he really any more powerful? Nah.
  • Rank BHis übergilded duds really do look extra deluxe. You kind of have to wonder where it all came from.
  • Rank AHis eyes seem like they're a deluxe color, but they're only bloodshot. He got crummy sleep before his tourney.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワリオデラックス
Wario Derakkusu
Wario Deluxe

Italian Wario Deluxe
Spanish Wario Deluxe