King Dragon Wario

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King Dragon Wario.

King Dragon Wario is a form Wario takes after finding both an Eagle Statue (which looks like a sparkling eagle statue with a handle on the back) and a Dragon Crystal (which looks like a dragon claw holding out a flame) in the game Virtual Boy Wario Land. In this form, Wario can fly very far, normally to the end of the screen. Wario is very heavy in this form and it is difficult to get out of quicksand. In this form Wario's body slam resembles a Ground Pound from newer games. Wario can not Barge in this form, however he can shoot a flame projectile which will often continue until it reaches the end of the screen, regardless of obstacles.

Despite needing two power-ups for this form, both the required power-ups are fairly common and this form is often not hard to obtain.