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Wario in the Bulldog.
Wario flying the Bulldog plane.
A purple or red miniature aircraft that is seen throughout the Wario franchise.
First appearance Mario & Wario (1993)
Latest appearance Wario Land 3 (2000)
“One day during my vacation in the Awazon river basin, I landed my trusty seaplane, Bulldog, and decided to relax in the shadow of the beautiful Aldegara Waterfall.”
Wario, Virtual Boy Wario Land

The Bulldog[1] is a small airplane Wario uses in the Wario Land series of games. In Mario & Wario it was depicted as a generic monoplane, in Virtual Boy Wario Land as a seaplane, and in Wario Land 3 as a biplane.


Mario & Wario[edit]

The Bulldog was first used by Wario in Mario & Wario. In a mini-game between level areas, Wanda can hit Wario in the Bulldog with her hammer.

Wario's Woods[edit]

In Wario's Woods, Wario uses the same plane from Mario & Wario to patrol the skies over the woods and cause trouble for Toad, who seeks to free the forest from Wario's control.

Mario Kirby Meisaku Video[edit]

The Bulldog plane seen in Mario Kirby Meisaku Video.

Wario also rides the Bulldog during his battle with Bunny Mario in the cartoon Mario Kirby Meisaku Video. Wario steals the treasure of a certain school. Princess Peach informs Mario of the theft, and he goes forth to search for the thief. He grabs a Carrot and becomes Bunny Mario (from Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins), who defeats Wario during a get-away attempt in his Bulldog. Mario recovers the stolen treasure and saves the day.

Virtual Boy Wario Land[edit]

A sprite of Wario flying Bulldog, seen in the title screen of Virtual Boy Wario Land.
Wario flying Bulldog in Virtual Boy Wario Land.

During the events of Virtual Boy Wario Land, Wario takes a vacation to the Awazon river basin, and he decides to land the Bulldog in a lake near the Aldegara Waterfall. Relaxing by the river, he soon falls asleep. He is then awoken because a mysterious Beaver emerges from the lake and spits water in his face. The Beaver quickly moves out of sight while Wario spots some strange creatures carrying treasure. The creatures enter a cave within the Aldegara Waterfall, and Wario decides to follow them. When he returns from his adventure, Wario finds that his seaplane has attracted many of the lake's creatures, who have found it amusing to damage Bulldog while Wario wasn't around. The Beaver then gives Wario an idea for transportation, which varies depending on how much money Wario obtains by the end of the game. The modes of transportation from the worst ending to the best ending are: two fans, a dirigible powered by peddling, a dragon and its children, and a remote controlled airplane in which Wario sits on top of the glass covering for the cockpit. If all the treasures and the most amount of money are collected, Wario gets a vase and a carpet. The game does not get to the damaged airplane scene, but instead cuts to Wario riding the flying carpet while keeping the money he has, as well as a woman in a bunny-themed outfit.

Wario Land 3[edit]

The Bulldog seen in the opening cut-scene of Wario Land 3.

In the new game introduction to Wario Land 3, Wario flies what appears to be the Bulldog over some woods when suddenly, it runs out of gas. Unharmed, Wario comes across a cave where the music box that contains the music box world is located. This opening cannot be seen again until the player wipes the save data.

Mario and the Incredible Rescue[edit]

In the short children's book, Mario and the Incredible Rescue, the eighth chapter has Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Toad fighting Wario, as he rides a plane dropping Buckets on the gang. Eventually, Mario and Yoshi manage to put one of the Buckets on Wario's head, blinding him and cause him to spiral out of control. The plane is not mentioned by name, but considering the fight is a nod to Mario & Wario with the buckets and plane, it is very possible that it is the Bulldog.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブルドッグ[2][3]
Bulldog unit


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