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Wario no Niwa is the ninth stage found in Mario & Wario. It is available after the previous eight stages are cleared. If the player receives a Game Over from this point on (not counting the EXTRA stage), they have to continue their adventure from the beginning of this stage. Wario chucks a Piranha Plant on the character's head during the intro.

LEVEL 9-1[edit]

First course.

Luigi is waiting just above Wanda's character, but unfortunately there is no real jumping in this game. The character must proceed through a series of corridors containing Unibō enemies, but luckily there are tiny Timer Blocks on flooring that can be used to trap them. Once at the bottom, Wanda can hit some Coin Blocks. On the bottom left is the elevator, which takes the character to Luigi.

LEVEL 9-2[edit]

Second course.

There are some elevators that the character must climb at the beginning, then they must descend into a somewhat tricky pit of Unibō and tiny Flip-Flop and Rock Blocks. After another elevator to the left lies Luigi.

LEVEL 9-3[edit]

Third course.

This course features a series of floating platforms with spikes, Guriguri, tiny Jump Blocks and elevators. Wanda must either pick her battles or maneuver wisely.

LEVEL 9-4[edit]

Fourth course.

This course has another major descent into the unknown, now containing Switch Blocks and larger Jump Blocks. Thankfully there is no real danger, leaving the Time Gauge as the player's only adversary.

LEVEL 9-5[edit]

Fifth course.

Of course, this course reintroduces dangerous elements. Wanda must guide her character from the top through the bottom right while watching for Guriguri and Unibō, breaking Rock Blocks at the right time.

LEVEL 9-6[edit]

Sixth course.

If the player doesn't try to obtain extra Stars or the 1-Up Mushroom, this is actually a fairly straightforward path to the top right, where Unibō and assorted blocks lie.

LEVEL 9-7[edit]

Seventh course.

Tiny and larger Jump Blocks litter the landscape, but the goal is to the top left. The only real tricky part is the row of four Unibō at the bottom which must be trapped with Timer Blocks.

LEVEL 9-8[edit]

Eighth course.

The next course brings back the Tsubōn enemies. The top left features a seemingly impassable gap with a Star, but there are invisible Flip-Flop Blocks available before Wanda's character drops down.

LEVEL 9-9[edit]

Ninth course.

A path of Tsubōn and Switch Blocks, which can be tricky if their fire couldn't be blocked by Wanda.

LEVEL 9-10[edit]

Tenth course.

Basically a trickier and more time-consuming version of LEVEL 9-4. The trick is to break the Rock Block at the bottom to free the lone Unibō and pass it as it goes left. There is a Time Kinoko that is not terribly hard to reach if the player needs more time.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワリオの[1]
Wario no Niwa
Wario's Garden


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