Kōri no Dōkutsu

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Kōri no Dōkutsu
Kōri no Dōkutsu button.
Game Mario & Wario
Level(s) 10
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Kōri no Dōkutsu is the fourth stage found in Mario & Wario. It is an ice cave inhabited primarily by Komorin. Rexes can be seen frozen in the background. Wario throws a pipe at the character during the stage intro.


Level Image Description Enemies and obstacles
Level 4-1 Level 4-1 map in the game Mario & Wario. This course starts at the top right of the area, introducing the Komorin bats to the player right away. There are four of them wherever they hang, and they can pose a problem if not dealt with immediately. Wanda can simply hit them with her want to make them disappear. The top floor ends with a Flip-Flop Block leading to a Star, but the character must drop down to an area with Rock Blocks and Timer Blocks. These can be ignored to meet Luigi at the right. Spikes, Komorin
Level 4-2 Level 4-2 map in the game Mario & Wario. The character begins at the right side of the bottom floor, with another Komorin gang on the ceiling. The left leads to two Jump Blocks, which go to the next floor and more Komorin. The right has two sets of elevators with Stars around them, as well as Flip-Flop and Coin Blocks. To the left of that is a Jump Block that springs Wanda's character to Luigi and a Star. Komorin
Level 4-3 Level 4-3 map in the game Mario & Wario. After another low-hanging area with Komorin, there are tiny Jump Blocks and elevators with platforms on them. The two right elevators lead to Luigi. Komorin
Level 4-4 Level 4-4 map in the game Mario & Wario. Yet another similar entrance, with the Komorin choosing to attack from the next floor. The Jump Block leads to it, and Flip-Flop Blocks must be activated to cross. There are more Komorin and Jump Blocks and well as a split in the path, but heading to the top right makes the player's path clear. Komorin
Level 4-5 Level 4-5 map in the game Mario & Wario. To the character's left is a small spike pit surrounded by two grounded Coin Blocks and a Star on the other side. The right leads to a tiny Jump Block that springs the character in front of a spike, to Wanda must make her character move immediately away in the other direction. More Flip-Flop and Jump Blocks are on the way. The left side leads to the higher ground, which has more spikes and Flip-Flop Blocks that mustn't be activated, as well as Komorin. The right of that leads to some tiny Flip-Flop and Jump Blocks which eventually lead to Luigi on the left, behind more Komorin. Spikes, Komorin
Level 4-6 Level 4-6 map in the game Mario & Wario. The bottom floor is again the same, ending with two large Jump Blocks and three large Timer Blocks. Rock Blocks holding Stars must be broken to pass on the next set of Timer Blocks. To the right are some Jump Blocks bringing the character to the top floor. After more Komorin, Timer and Rock Blocks lies Luigi. Komorin
Level 4-7 Level 4-7 map in the game Mario & Wario. The character starts at the bottom left this time, with a Star right next to a spike pit and an elevator behind them. Luigi is on the other side of that pit, so the Wanda must guide her character around it entirely. Heading up the elevator leads to some Flip-Flop and Jump Blocks, and Komorin placed in strategic places. The character needs to drop down from the top right to reach Luigi. Spikes, Komorin
Level 4-8 Level 4-8 map in the game Mario & Wario. The character starts at the top right, and the player can see that there is a new block type on the ground ahead of them with Komorin overhead. These are Nebaneba Blocks, which slow the character down. The player can flip them upside down with Wanda's wand to proceed at normal speed. After dropping down to the next floor, there is more of this action. Dropping down to the next floor brings the player to Luigi towards the left. Spikes, Komorin
Level 4-9 Level 4-9 map in the game Mario & Wario. The character starts at the top right with a Unibo behind them, so Wanda must flip the Nebaneba Blocks over so the character can outrun it. There is a Coin Block and a Star resting on a Rock Block overhead. The character falls down to an area with a Star on a raised platform just to the left, which the player can grab later. To the right is another Star after two tiny Flip-Flop Blocks, and going down reveals more Nebaneba Blocks and an elevator leading to a Jump Block; going down the empty Flip-Flop Blocks brings the player to Luigi, provided they get beyond another tricky Unibo patrolling its Nebaneba Blocks. Komorin, Unibo
Level 4-10 Level 4-10 map in the game Mario & Wario. This course begins on a short top right platform. To the left is a Star trapped by two elevators on both sides and Rock Blocks underneath it, but the idea is to drop down the down underneath the entrance. This leads the character to an area with tiny Flip-Flop and Rock Block ground. There is time to explore and find the Stars, but going up the elevators to the left takes the character to Luigi. There is one last Komorin gang ready to take Wanda's character out on the elevator. Komorin


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 洞窟[1]
Kōri no Dōkutsu
Ice Cavern


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