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Yōsei no Mori
Yōsei no Mori button.
Game Mario & Wario
Level(s) 10
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Yōsei no Mori is the first stage found in Mario & Wario. According to the game's storyline, Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Yoshi all came to this legendary forest to meet its supposed fairy of fortune, but they met only misfortune when they got lost and encountered Wario, prompting the reclusive fairy named Wanda to take action.[1] A Wiggler watches Wanda's progress from the trees in the background. As it is the first stage, there are not many traps. Every course is single-screen, and there are no Stars to collect. Wario drops a bucket with a flipped purple "M" on the character's head.


Level Image Description Enemies and obstacles
Level 1-1 Yōsei no Mori The first course is a very simple puzzle designed like a tutorial. All the player has to do is guide the character by using the Flip-Flop Blocks as Wanda. This course introduces the player to the elevator object, which looks like an automated ladder. N/A
Level 1-2 Level 1-2 from Mario & Wario This course introduces spikes. Again, the layout is simple as the player only needs to use Flip-Flop Blocks to help guide the character to the goal. Spikes
Level 1-3 Yōsei no Mori Coin Blocks first appear, which allow Wanda to gather coins as much as the player can. The layout is still simple. Spikes
Level 1-4 Yōsei no Mori This course does not introduce anything new. The correct path involves a sort of zigzag in which the player must use the Flip-Flops Blocks at the appropriate time when the character climbs the ladders. Spikes
Level 1-5 Yōsei no Mori The course introduces Timer Blocks. These panels disappear after a short time. Spikes
Level 1-6 M&W Level 1-6 Map.png The next course introduces Rock Blocks that block the character from proceeding to get to the goal. Wanda must break them with her wand so that the character can proceed. Additionally, there are spikes that can hurt the character if the player does not protect it. Use the Timer Blocks to help the character to go on, or use Wanda's wand on the character while the character is in the elevator as the character switches the side to walk to. Repeat this method and the character reaches the goal faster. Spikes
Level 1-7 M&W Level 1-7 Map.png The course basically contains more practice when using the Timer Blocks to prevent the character to fall down onto the Spikes. Additionally, there is a row of Coin Blocks the player can use to gather a full set of coins. Spikes
Level 1-8 Yōsei no Mori The next course is very similar to Level 1-4, but with Timer Blocks rather than Flip-Flop Blocks. As such, it requires focus and timing. Spikes
Level 1-9 Yōsei no Mori Basically more practice with those Timer Blocks. This time, when the character gets up into the top of the elevator; the character walks near to where the spikes are. As said, use the Timer Blocks to help the character pass with the tricky addition of elevators. Spikes
Level 1-10 M&W Level 1-10 Map.png This course starts out with the character above a big pile of Rock Blocks. This course also introduces the first enemy, Guriguri, in one space that moves around the Rock Blocks. It hurts the character if it touches the character. To weaken the enemy, use Wanda's wand on the enemy to weaken it. Once done, the enemy moves slowly, making it easier to clear the course. After that, break the Rock Blocks to make a passage to the goal. Guriguri


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 妖精[2]
Yōsei no Mori
Fairy's Forest


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