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This article is about a world in Mario & Wario. For the Mirror Mode in Mario Kart 64, see Mario Kart 64 § Gameplay. For the "Extra Levels" in Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars, see Orbiting Observatory.

EXTRA is an extra stage and the eleventh overall stage in Mario & Wario. This stage contains ten difficult levels and can be unlocked by completing the ten previous stages in the game. All of the levels in this stage take place in areas that appear similar to the Switch Palaces in Super Mario World. The backgrounds of the levels in this stage have sprites of the Super Mushroom, Super Star, and Fire Flower. Unlike the other ten stages, this stage does not have its own icon on the level select screen, and nothing gets dropped onto the character's head.

LEVEL EX-1[edit]

This level features many Guriguri moving along the walls. Luigi can be found at the bottom left of the level walking around the goal sign. An Elevator can also be found on the far right of the level.

LEVEL EX-2[edit]

This level contains many Elevators along with some Dodorigesu Jr. Some Jump Blocks can be found here as well as many Flip-Flop Blocks. There is a Coin Block on both the far left and right sides of the level. Luigi can be found at the bottom of the level in the middle.

LEVEL EX-3[edit]

This level features many Komorin enemies as well as many Nebaneba Blocks at the top of the level. The next two lower areas contain several Timer Blocks over beds of spikes. A few Unibō also appear in this level.

LEVEL EX-4[edit]

This level contains many Unibō that come in both blue and yellow colors along with many Jump Blocks, Elevators, and Flip-Flop Blocks. There are also some Rock Blocks that can be destroyed by Wanda.

LEVEL EX-5[edit]

This level features larger versions of objects seen in the previous levels such as Flip-Flop Blocks, Rock Blocks, and Jump Blocks. Some Tsubōn also appear near the bottom of the level. Some Elevators, a Coin Block, and a Unibō can be found here as well.

LEVEL EX-6[edit]

This level contains many blue and yellow Unibō enemies. The right side of the level has some small Timer Blocks as well as many Jump Blocks while the left side of the level features more Unibō along with some Elevators and Luigi waiting at the bottom.

LEVEL EX-7[edit]

The very top of this level has many Rock Blocks that can be destroyed by Wanda and some Tsubōn that will fall down when the blocks are destroyed. The middle of the level contains many small Timer Blocks over a bed of spikes. A 1-Up Mushroom can be found surrounded by Rock Blocks. The bottom has some more Rock Blocks and Tsubōn along with more Timer Blocks over another bed of spikes.

LEVEL EX-8[edit]

This level features many Tsubōn along with a few Elevators, including a very tall one on the left side of the level. The very top of the level contains a corridor with some Timer Blocks that don't really serve a purpose along with Luigi at the right side at the end of the corridor.

LEVEL EX-9[edit]

This level features a few Dodorigesu Jr. along with some ! Blocks and Jump Blocks. Luigi can be found in the middle of the level on the far right side.

LEVEL EX-10[edit]

This level contains a massive maze of Rock Blocks varying from small to big. It also features a few Elevators, Guriguri, and spikes along the way. The very top of the level has a few sets of Elevators and Guriguri with Luigi on the far right side.