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"E1" redirects here. For information about a mission from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon labeled "E-1", see Front-Door Key.
"E2" redirects here. For information about a mission from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon labeled "E-2", see Double Trouble (mission).
Orbiting Observatory
First menu of Orbiting Observatory
Second menu of Orbiting Observatory
Game Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars
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Orbiting Observatory is the extra world of Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars, succeeding Twilight Valley. It contains two sets of levels, E1 and E2, also referred to as Extra Levels[1][2]. The Orbiting Observatory has a cosmic theme and introduces Magnet Grounds, platforms that can be walked all around. In some levels, there are Magnet Switches that can be tapped with the stylus to enable or disable Magnet Grounds. Magnet Grounds are given an emphasis in World E1, with both Worlds E1 and E2 representing a recap for all mechanics and enemies encountered in previous levels. With the second level of World E1, Mini DKs make their first appearance in the game.

In the background, large planet models are seen floating in zero gravity, some of which are connected into binary systems. Behind them, there are numerous hexagonal windows with a view of the outer space. As indicated by its name, Orbiting Observatory appears to be an artificial satellite. The soundtrack of this world is closely similar to the soundtrack of Cosmic Adventure from Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem!.

There are two Bonus Levels that are set in this world, B-13 and B-14.


World E1
Level Preview Description Enemies and obstacles encountered
Level E1-1 Level E1-1 of Orbiting Observatory A level where three Mini Marios have to be guided on a series of Magnet Grounds. Pink Blocks are frequently used along the way. Spikes
Level E1-2 Level E1-2 of Orbiting Observatory A level with two magnetic walls leading upward. Girders are likewise present in the stage. Spikes
Level E1-3 Level E1-3 of Orbiting Observatory A course mainly composed of Blue Lifts and Girders, with Magnet Grounds alongside them. Magnet Switches are used here for the first time. Spikes, Pokeys
Level E1-4 Level E1-4 of Orbiting Observatory A Multi-Door stage with many High Springs and Purple Conveyors distributed throughout to help the characters reach their doors. Spikes
Level E1-5 Level E1-5 of Orbiting Observatory A level where the Minis have to clear away the Rocks using Cannon Kongs or Hammers, then reach the pair of Circus Kongs that lift them to the exit. Spikes, Cannon Kongs, Circus Kongs
Level E1-6 Level E1-6 of Orbiting Observatory A course that combines the use of Pink Blocks and Magnet Grounds. Long Springs are used to bounce over to Magnet Ground walls above the ground. Spikes
Level E1-7 Level E1-7 of Orbiting Observatory A Key Mini Mario course, in which the Minis have to be guided across several levels of Magnet Grounds using both fixed and Movable Pipes. Spikes
Level E1-8 Level E1-8 of Orbiting Observatory A vast area patrolled by a Cursed Mini Mario, who is shown to be able to stick to Magnet Ground surfaces. Color Switches are used to turn off some walls that block the path to the exit. Spikes, Cursed Mini Mario
World E2
Level Preview Description Enemies and obstacles encountered
Level E2-1 Level E2-1 of Orbiting Observatory A lengthy stage that sees the Minis traveling by pipes. In order to clear the Rocks that block the exit, they should reach the top of the stage, then slide on a long series of Girders from there into the wall of Rocks. Spikes
Level E2-2 Level E2-2 of Orbiting Observatory A course where with several pipe-filled rooms to be traversed. Spikes, Shy Guy
Level E2-3 Level E2-3 of Orbiting Observatory A level with a block of Purple Conveyors and yellow blocks holding enemies together. Spikes, Shy Guys, Fire Piranha Plants
Level E2-4 Level E2-4 of Orbiting Observatory A Multi-Door level built on several storeys, traversed with Pink Blocks, Movable Pipes and Cannons. Spikes
Level E2-5 Level E2-5 of Orbiting Observatory An intricate level based on conveyors, Blue Lifts and Girders. A Capture Kong patrols the area. Spikes, Capture Kong
Level E2-6 Level E2-6 of Orbiting Observatory A level where Magnet Grounds return, and are reachable via Long Springs, Pink Blocks and Warp Pipes. Spikes
Level E2-7 Level E2-7 of Orbiting Observatory A large stage broken into smaller puzzles, where the player has to make use of very limited resources. Key Mini Mario has to shoot from a Cannon Kong through a long passage guarded by a Thwomp, climb a spike-filled block with Blue Lifts, and cross a gap with Girders to reach and unlock the exit. Spikes, Cannon Kong, Thwomp, Shy Guy
Level E2-8 Level E2-8 of Orbiting Observatory A level that has the Minis chase the Cursed Mini Mario around pipes, Long Springs and Girders. Spikes, Cursed Mini Mario


Level maps[edit]

World E1[edit]

World E2[edit]


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スペースステーション
Supēsu Sutēshon
Space Station
French Observatoire orbital Orbital observatory
Italian Osservatorio orbitante Orbiting Observatory