Bonus 2

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Bonus 2
Menu of Bonus 2
Game Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars
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Bonus 2 is the second set of Bonus Levels in Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars, designed to be more intricate and challenging than the main levels. Whereas levels in the Bonus 1 set are based on the first main worlds of the game, the levels in Bonus 2 take place in the last three worlds (Dashing Desert, Twilight Valley and Orbiting Observatory) and the Workshop-exclusive Winding Ravine.


Level Preview Description Enemies and obstacles encountered Unlocked by
Level B-9 MvDKTSB-9 3DS.png A level that has the Minis sneak past some Pokeys using Blue Lifts and Girders. Spikes, Pokeys Collecting 36 trophies
Level B-10 MvDKTSB-10 3DS.png A level composed of an array of Blue Lifts and Long Springs. The ground presents numerous denivelations. Spikes Collecting 40 trophies
Level B-11 MvDKTSB-11 3DS.png A puzzle that involves many passages scattered with Pink Blocks, Cannons and Fire Piranha Plants. Spikes, Fire Piranha Plants Collecting 44 trophies
Level B-12 MvDKTSB-12 3DS.png A Multi-Door course where the player has to build bridges out of Pink Blocks in order to guide each Mini to their Goal Door. Movable Pipes are likewise present to aid them. Spikes Collecting 48 trophies
Level B-13 MvDKTSB-13 3DS.png A stage that has contains several Magnet Ground pathways and High Springs to reach them. There are also Purple Conveyors. Spikes, Shy Guys Collecting 52 trophies
Level B-14 MvDKTSB-14 3DS.png An expansive level where the Minis have to find their way through an entire block of Magnet Grounds and Pink Blocks. A Cursed Mini Mario is also present at the base of the level. Spikes, Thwomp, Cursed Mini Mario Collecting 56 trophies
Level B-15 MvDKTSB-15 3DS.png A Rock-filled puzzle with an erratic layout. Long Springs and layers of Pink Blocks help the Minis progress. Spikes Collecting 60 trophies
Level B-16 MvDKTSB-16 3DS.png A wide area abounding in Kongs and Warp Pipes. A Capture Kong takes hold of Key Mini Mario, who is crucial in opening the locked exit. Spikes, Cannon Kongs, Capture Kongs Collecting 64 trophies


Level maps[edit]