Twilight Valley

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Twilight Valley
Menu of Twilight Valley
Game Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars
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Twilight Valley is the sixth world of Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars. It is also the last main world visited, taking place before the game's conclusion, when Mario finds out he and his Minis had been lured to a surprise party by Donkey Kong and Pauline.

Twilight Valley introduces the Pink Blocks, which the player can stockpile and use to fill in special slots in order to guide the Minis and enemies appropriately. Other gameplay mechanics, such as Springs, Cannons, Color Switches, Blue Lifts and Red Girders, return from past levels. Several Thwomps are found in this world as well, along with a few Fire Piranha Plants and all three types of monkey robots seen in previous worlds.

Twilight Valley is set on a countryside meadow with a few Mushroom Kingdom-like hills in the background. A Georgian-era mansion is prominent among the hills. The word "twilight" in its name might owe to the pink color of the sky, which is how it often appears at dusk.

There are two Bonus Levels that are set in this world, B-11 and B-12.


Level Preview Description Enemies and obstacles encountered
Level 6-1 Level 6-1 of Twilight Valley A level that functions as a tutorial for Pink Blocks. Spikes
Level 6-2 Level 6-2 of Twilight Valley A level that combines the use of Pink Blocks and Color Switches. Spikes
Level 6-3 Level 6-3 of Twilight Valley A level with Thwomps, which can be blocked from falling onto the characters by placing Pink Blocks underneath them. Spikes, Thwomps
Level 6-4 Level 6-4 of Twilight Valley A Multi-Door level with Blue Lifts. Spikes
Level 6-5 Level 6-5 of Twilight Valley A course where the player makes extensive use of Red Girders and Pink Blocks to sneak past some Capture Kongs. Spikes, Capture Kongs
Level 6-6 Level 6-6 of Twilight Valley A level mostly navigated by cannons and pipes. Spikes
Level 6-7 Level 6-7 of Twilight Valley A stage where the Key Mini Mario has to be rescued from a Rock enclosure, then brought to the Goal Door to unlock it. Spikes, Circus Kong, Cannon Kong
Level 6-8 Level 6-8 of Twilight Valley A level where a Cursed Mini Mario follows the other Minis through passages bounded by Rocks, Red Girders and sets of Pink Blocks. Spikes, Cursed Mini Mario, Piranha Plants


Level maps[edit]


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トワイライトビレッジ
Towairaito Birejji
Twilight Village
French Vallée féerique Fairy valley
Italian Valle crepuscolare Twilight valley