Level B-14

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Level B-14
MvDKTSB-14 3DS.png
Level code B-14
World Bonus 2
Game Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars
Time limit 300 seconds
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Level B-14 is the sixth course in the Bonus 2 set and the fourteenth Bonus Level overall in Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars. It is set in Orbiting Observatory and is unlocked by earning 56 trophies.

The level features a Cursed Mini Mario and two Mini DKs.


Map of Level B-14
Level map

The course is filled with Pink Block spaces and Magnet Grounds of various shapes that form a labyrinth. There are also two pairs of Split Pipes, each positioned at different heights and leading from one side of the level to another. The Cursed Mini Mario starts marching at the bottom of the course and enters a yellow Split Pipe without the player's intervention. Shortly after exiting from the other Split Pipe, it falls back to the bottom floor through a shaft-like space. A Thwomp resides at the top of this space and is triggered to fall down by any Mini that walks under it, allowing the player to block it when it reaches the bottom using Pink Blocks.

The two Mini DKs start around the Thwomp on different platforms. Using any of the slopes present in the stage, they should first revert the Cursed Mini Mario with a sliding attack. When all the Minis are grouped afterwards, they should seek the Goal Door by climbing to the top of the stage and going around an L-shaped Magnet Ground towards the door.

M Coin[edit]

The M Coin is in a corner at the bottom right, surrounded by Pink Block spaces and Magnet Grounds. The Minis can collect it by simply walking into it, minding the Thwomp above.

High scores[edit]

Nintendo 3DS version[edit]

  • Bronze trophy: 8000 points
  • Silver trophy: 11000 points
  • Gold trophy: 17000 points

Wii U version[edit]

  • Bronze trophy: 8500 points
  • Silver trophy: 11500 points
  • Gold trophy: 17500 points


Nintendo 3DS version[edit]

Wii U version[edit]

  • Pink Blocks: 21
  • Pink Block spaces: 51
  • Split Pipe pairs: 2
  • Magnet Switches: 3
  • Coins: 19
  • Large Coins: 4
  • Enemies:
    • Thwomps: 1