Bonus 1

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Bonus 1
Menu of Bonus 1
Game Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars
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Bonus 1 is the first set of Bonus Levels in Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars, designed to be more intricate and challenging than the main levels. It is composed of eight levels, each pair of levels being set in the first four worlds of the game: Rolling Hills, Jumpy Jungle, Runaway Warehouse and Crumbling Cavern.


Level Preview Description Enemies and obstacles encountered Unlocked by
Level B-1 MvDKTSB-1 3DS.png A level where the Minis need to be juggled across Girders. Spikes, Circus Kongs Collecting 4 trophies
Level B-2 MvDKTSB-2 3DS.png A course where Mini Peach and a Cursed Mini Mario chase each other on Ladders. Spikes, Cursed Mini Mario Collecting 8 trophies
Level B-3 MvDKTSB-3 3DS.png A large course in which the Minis are led by High Springs and pipes. Spikes Collecting 12 trophies
Level B-4 MvDKTSB-4 3DS.png A level that has a Key Mini Mario and two other Minis reach a high area using Long Springs and Cannons. Spikes, Shy Guys Collecting 16 trophies
Level B-5 MvDKTSB-5 3DS.png A stage that uses conveyors to manipulate a few Thwomps. There are also multiple layers, climbed with Ladders and Girders. Spikes, Thwomps Collecting 20 trophies
Level B-6 MvDKTSB-6 3DS.png An expansive Multi-Door stage with many Cannon Kongs that are used to break through Rocks. Spikes, Cannon Kongs Collecting 24 trophies
Level B-7 MvDKTSB-7 3DS.png A tunnel-shaped course where several Mini Toads are led back and forth by Warp Pipes, pressing Color Switches to unblock paths. Spikes Collecting 28 trophies
Level B-8 MvDKTSB-8 3DS.png A course that has the Minis trying to free a Cursed Mini Mario in an area with numerous Ladders, Girders and Movable Pipes. Spikes, Cursed Mini Mario Collecting 32 trophies


Level maps[edit]