Bonus 3

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Bonus 3
Menu of Bonus 3
Game Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars
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Congratulatory message after earning a gold trophy in every level
The message displayed after earning a gold trophy in every level of the game, which means getting a gold trophy in Level B-24, as the level itself requires earning gold trophies in all previous levels.

Bonus 3 is the third and final set of Bonus Levels in Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars, designed, like the other bonus levels, to be more intricate and challenging than the main levels. Levels in the Bonus 3 set are based in Winding Ravine, Swirling Courtyard, Clattering Cabin and Shimmering Gold Palace, all of which are worlds exclusive to the Workshop. Gold Mini Marios are introduced in Level B-23 and reappear in Level B-24.


Level Preview Description Enemies and obstacles encountered Unlocked by
Level B-17 MvDKTSB-17 3DS.png A stage where five Mini Toads have to ascend a high-rise of platforms using Split Pipes and Girders. Spikes Collecting 68 trophies
Level B-18 MvDKTSB-18 3DS.png A Multi-Door level with Circus Kongs, who would either have to be jumped over using Long Springs or used to reach highly-placed Split Pipes. Spikes, Circus Kongs Collecting 72 trophies
Level B-19 MvDKTSB-19 3DS.png A level with a focus on pressing Color Switches to unblock the path to the Goal Door. To arrive at each Color Switch, the Minis have to be guided through conveyors and Split Pipes positioned at multiple levels. Spikes, Shy Guys Collecting 76 trophies
Level B-20 MvDKTSB-20 3DS.png A stage where the Minis explore several platforms filled with Pink Blocks and Long Springs, with a Cursed Mini Mario present in the area. Spikes, Shy Guy, Cursed Mini Mario Collecting 80 trophies
Level B-21 MvDKTSB-21 3DS.png A course composed of several rooms and hallways explored via Blue Lifts and Split Pipes. Rocks litter much of the level and have to be broken progressively with Hammers that are passed from one Mini to another, located in separate areas. Spikes Collecting 84 trophies
Level B-22 MvDKTSB-22 3DS.png A level with a cluster of Magnet Grounds placed throughout the area. Pink Blocks are primarily used to go between the Magnet Grounds. Spikes, Fire Piranha Plants Collecting 85 trophies
Level B-23 MvDKTSB-23 3DS.png An extensive stage with many passages navigated by Pipes, Blue Lifts and Girders. The level marks the last appearance of Cursed Mini Mario. Spikes, Cursed Mini Mario Collecting 86 trophies
Level B-24 MvDKTSB-24 3DS.png A large level built around numerous slopes that drive the Gold Mini Marios into coins. Spikes Collecting 87 trophies


Level maps[edit]