Level 3-7 (Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars)

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Level 3-7
Level 3-7 of Runaway Warehouse
Level code 3-7
World Runaway Warehouse
Game Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars
Time limit 300 seconds
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Level 3-7 is the seventh course of Runaway Warehouse in Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars. It is the first level to contain Rock blocks, which can be destroyed with Hammers.

The level features two Mini Marios, one of which carries a key that unlocks the Goal Door.


Map of Level 3-7
Level map

The Minis start in different areas, but the Key Mini Mario is trapped behind a wall of Rock in an alcove at the top. Throughout the course, a few other Rock walls are jamming the space between platforms, and numerous Purple Conveyor Rivets form connections between these platforms. The free Mini Mario has to climb up to the other toy, using Purple Conveyors and picking up Hammers to clear the Rock blocks on its way. Once rescued, the Key Mini Mario has to drop along with the other toy to the bottom of the stage, where the Goal Door is positioned.

M Coin[edit]

The M Coin is behind a wall of Rock blocks, in an alcove on the left. A Mini Mario has to pick up a pair of Hammers and crush these blocks to access and collect the coin.

High scores[edit]

The following high scores apply in both the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U versions of the game.

  • Bronze trophy: 5000 points
  • Silver trophy: 8000 points
  • Gold trophy: 14000 points


Nintendo 3DS version[edit]

Wii U version[edit]

  • Purple Conveyors: 11
  • Purple Conveyor Rivets: 12
  • Conveyor Switches: 2
  • Rocks: 21
  • Hammer pairs: 2
  • Coins: 6
  • Large Coins: 1