Dashing Desert

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Dashing Desert
Appearance Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars
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Dashing Desert is the fifth world of Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars. During this world, the player is acquainted with a new gameplay mechanic, the Blue Lift, which is used to elevate the Minis to platforms located directly above, or bring them to a lower level. Being placeable objects, Blue Lifts can be stretched vertically across rivets of blue color. They are also a limited resource, meaning that Pickups of corresponding color may be necessary to collect along the way in order to gain more material for Blue Lifts. Other mechanics introduced in previous worlds, such as Girders, Springs, Cannons and (Purple) Conveyors, make a return in Dashing Desert. Three new toy types—Pokeys, Piranha Plants and a Capture Kong—are encountered here for the first time in the game, while Fire Piranha Plants reappear from the previous world. Mini Paulines also begin to appear in this world.

The area is marked by some large pyramids rising over the desert's dunes. Closer to the foreground, the skull of a gigantic Dry Bones rests in the sand, surrounded unevenly by a few stone Shy Guy statues and palm trees. The soundtrack that plays in this area is a retuned version of the soundtrack of Sandstorm Steps from Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem!

There are two Bonus Levels that are set in this world, B-9 and B-10.


Level Preview Description Enemies and obstacles encountered
Level 5-1 MvsDKTS5-1.jpg A level where the Blue Lift mechanic is introduced. Spikes
Level 5-2 MvsDKTS5-2.jpg A level that involves using Red Girders, Blue Lifts and Color Switches. Spikes
Level 5-3 MvsDKTS5-3.jpg An upward-leading course with two Pokeys. Pokeys
Level 5-4 MvsDKTS5-4.jpg A course with Multi-Doors spread at multiple storeys. Spikes
Level 5-5 MvsDKTS5-5.jpg A level where a Mini Mario has to be freed from a Capture Kong. Spikes, Capture Kong
Level 5-6 MvsDKTS5-6.jpg A level with a multitude of Fire Piranha Plants and cannons, placed above a long row of spikes. Spikes, Piranha Plants, Fire Piranha Plants
Level 5-7 MvsDKTS5-7.jpg A Key Mini Mario stage that involves both Blue Lifts and Conveyor Belts. Spikes
Level 5-8 MvsDKTS5-8.jpg A stage that marks the reappearance of Cursed Mini Mario, who marches along Blue Lifts and Springs. Cursed Mini Mario


Level maps[edit]


Audio.svg First music
MvDKTS DashingDesertA.oga

File infoMedia:MvDKTS DashingDesertA.oga
Audio.svg Second music
MvDKTS DashingDesertB.oga

File infoMedia:MvDKTS DashingDesertB.oga
Audio.svg Third music
MvDKTS DashingDesertC.oga

File infoMedia:MvDKTS DashingDesertC.oga
Audio.svg Preview
MvDKTS DashingDesertIntro.oga

File infoMedia:MvDKTS DashingDesertIntro.oga
Audio.svg Losing
MvDKTS DashingDesertLose.oga

File infoMedia:MvDKTS DashingDesertLose.oga
Audio.svg Winning
MvDKTS DashingDesertWin.oga

File infoMedia:MvDKTS DashingDesertWin.oga
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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese デザートダッシュ
Dezāto Dasshu
Desert Dash
French Désert fringant Literal translation
Italian Deserto scattante Literal translation