Sandstorm Steps

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Sandstorm Steps
Appearance Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem
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Sandstorm Steps is the fifth attraction in Mario vs Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem!. It is, as its name implies, a desert-themed attraction. Dunes, pyramids and a roller coaster can be seen in the background of the levels. This level introduces the use of movable blue ladders. The player can create those by drawing a straight line between a blue rivet and another. Enemies here include Fireballs, Shy Guys and Capture Kongs. A new mini, called Mini Donkey Kong, makes its first appearance in this level. It has to be rescued in 5-4, along with a Mini Toad and a Mini Peach.

In the Plus Mode, a Mini Toad Capsule is replaced with a Mini Pauline capsule.

During their fifth encounter with Donkey Kong, the Mini Marios must use girders and blue ladders to reach a switch near DK, and press it to zap him. As for Donkey Kong, he attacks by slamming the ground to cause Fireballs to come out from two Oil barrels near him and attack the Mini Marios. Once defeated, he takes Pauline and flees to the sixth attraction.


Level Preview Description Enemies and obstacles encountered
Area 5-1 MvsDK5-1.png This level introduces Blue Ladders. Spikes
Area 5-2 MvsDK5-2.png This level features three Mini Marios. Fireballs
Area 5-3 MvsDK5-3.png This level features two Mini Marios. Spikes
Area 5-4 MvsDK5-4.png This level features a Mini Mario, a Mini Toad, a Mini Peach, and a Mini Donkey Kong. Spikes
Area 5-5 MvsDK5-5.png This level features a few Hammers and some Red Girders. Fireballs, Shy Guys
Area 5-6 MvsDK5-6.png This level features three Mini Marios and a few Movable Pipes. Spikes
Area 5-7 MvsDK5-7.png This level introduces Capture Kongs and has four Mini Marios. Spikes, Capture Kongs
Area 5-8 MvsDK5-8.png This level features four Mini Marios with one holding a key. Spikes
Area 5-DK MvsDK5-DK.png This fifth boss battle against Donkey Kong. Fireballs, Donkey Kong, Spikes (Plus Mode)


Audio.svg First music
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Audio.svg Third music
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Audio.svg Introductory cutscene music
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Audio.svg Stage select music
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Audio.svg Boss music
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Audio.svg Defeated boss
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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French (NOE) Marches du désert Marches of the desert
German Sand im Getriebe Sand in the gears
Italian Terrazze sabbiose
Spanish (NOA) Desierto desolado Desolate desert
Spanish (NOE) Dunas Movedizas Shifting Dunes