Warped Mansion

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Warped Mansion
Game Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem
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The Warped Mansion is the fourth attraction in Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem!. A giant wall is seen in the background, as well as a big window. The main transportation means in this level are Green Pipes, which the player can tap and place in the green pipe outlines. They can only use two at the same time, though. Enemies here include Shy Guys, Circus Kongs and Piranha Plants. Like the previous level, in 4-4, there is a Mini Peach and a Mini Toad to rescue.

In all levels in Plus Mode, Mini Pauline will appear. In 4-4, there is the Mini Pauline Toy Capsule and a Mini Donkey Kong capsule to rescue.

During their fourth encounter with Donkey Kong, the Mini Marios must use girders and colored warp pipes to reach a bomb near the ape, and throw it at him. Donkey Kong often slams the ground, which causes two Boo Guys in two portraits to wake up and attack the Mini Marios. If they manage to land safely, they will transform into blue flames and serve as traps for the player. If the Mini Marios manage to hit Donkey Kong with bombs three times, he'll take Pauline and flee to the fifth attraction.


Level Preview Mini count Inventory Description Enemies and obstacles encountered
Area 4-1 MvsDK4-1.png 2 Green Pipes This level introduces Green Pipes. Spikes
Area 4-2 MvsDK4-2.png 3 Red Girders, Green Pipes This level features three Mini Marios. Spikes
Area 4-3 MvsDK4-3.png 3 High Springs, Green Pipes This level features a few High Springs and three Mini Marios. Spikes
Area 4-4 MvsDK4-4.png 3 Red Girders, Green Pipes This level features a Mini Mario, Mini Toad, and Mini Peach. Spikes
Area 4-5 MvsDK4-5.png 2 Green Pipes This level features two Mini Marios and Piranhas with Fire. Piranhas with Fire
Area 4-6 MvsDK4-6.png 3 Red Girders, Green Pipes This level features three Mini Marios and some Shy Guys. Spikes, Shy Guys
Area 4-7 MvsDK4-7.png 2 Red Girders, Green Pipes This level features some Hammers and a Circus Kong. Spikes, Circus Kongs
Area 4-8 MvsDK4-8.png 3 Red Girders, Green Pipes This level features three Mini Marios with one having a key. Spikes
Area 4-DK MvsDK4-DK.png 6 Red Girders The fourth boss battle against Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong, Polterguys, Spikes (Plus Mode)


Audio.svg First music
File infoMedia:MvDKMLM WarpedMansionA.oga
Audio.svg Second music
File infoMedia:MvDKMLM WarpedMansionB.oga
Audio.svg Third music
File infoMedia:MvDKMLM WarpedMansionC.oga
Audio.svg Preview
File infoMedia:MvDKMLM WarpedMansionPreview.oga
Audio.svg Losing
File infoMedia:MvDKMLM WarpedMansionLose.oga
Audio.svg Winning
File infoMedia:MvDKMLM WarpedMansionWin.oga
Audio.svg Introductory cutscene music
File infoMedia:MvDKMLM WarpedMansionIntro.oga
Audio.svg Stage select music
File infoMedia:MvDKMLM WarpedMansionMenu.oga
Audio.svg HERE WE GO!
File infoMedia:MvDKMLM WarpedMansionBossHereWeGo.oga
Audio.svg Countdown before boss
File infoMedia:MvDKMLM WarpedMansionBossIntro.oga
Audio.svg Boss music
File infoMedia:MvDKMLM WarpedMansionBoss.oga
Audio.svg Lost against boss
File infoMedia:MvDKMLM WarpedMansionBossLose.oga
Audio.svg Defeated boss
File infoMedia:MvDKMLM WarpedMansionBossVictory.oga
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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ホーンテッドハウス
Hōnteddo Hausu
Haunted House

French (NOE) Manoir des méandres
German Gruseliges Geisterhaus
Creepy ghosthouse
Italian Palazzo infestato
Haunted palace
Spanish (NOA) Mansión maniaca
Maniac mansion
Spanish (NOE) Tuberías Fantasmales
Ghostly Pipes