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World 1
Game Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem
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Coaster Hills is the first attraction in Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem!. It starts off as Mario and his Mini Marios begin their adventure to save Pauline. The only enemies found here are Shy Guys and Circus Kongs. A roller coaster can be seen in the background. Besides Mini Marios, another mini can be found here, Mini Toad. The levels consist of Ground Tiles for the floor, girders, and Spikes as obstacles.

In their first encounter with Donkey Kong, the Mini Marios must avoid the barrels thrown by the ape, use ladders and girders to reach a switch near DK and press it to damage him. The player has to repeat this technique three times to defeat Donkey Kong, who takes Pauline and flees to the second attraction.


Level Preview Mini count Inventory Description Enemies and obstacles encountered
Area 1-1 MvsDK1-1.png 2 Red Girders The level where Red Girders are first used in the game. Spikes
Area 1-2 MvsDK1-2.png 2 Red Girders This level introduces Girder Pickups. Spikes
Area 1-3 MvsDK1-3.png 2 Red Girders This level introduces Warp Pipes to the player. Spikes
Area 1-4 MvsDK1-4.png 2 Red Girders This level introduces doors for each respective Mini. Spikes
Area 1-5 MvsDK1-5.png 2 Red Girders This level introduces Hammers and the first enemies in the game. Spikes, Shy Guys
Area 1-6 MvsDK1-6.png 3 Red Girders This level introduces Ladders and camera panning. Spikes
Area 1-7 MvsDK1-7.png 2 Red Girders This level introduces the Circus Kongs. Spikes, Circus Kongs
Area 1-8 MvsDK1-8.png 2 Red Girders This level introduces Keys which can be used by the Minis to unlock doors. Spikes
Area 1-DK MvsDK1-DK.png 6 Red Girders The first boss fight against Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong, Barrels


Audio.svg First music
File infoMedia:MvDKMLM CoasterHillsA.oga
Audio.svg Second music
File infoMedia:MvDKMLM CoasterHillsB.oga
Audio.svg Third music
File infoMedia:MvDKMLM CoasterHillsC.oga
Audio.svg Preview
File infoMedia:MvDKMLM CoasterHillsPreview.oga
Audio.svg Losing
File infoMedia:MvDKMLM CoasterHillsLose.oga
Audio.svg Winning
File infoMedia:MvDKMLM CoasterHillsWin.oga
Audio.svg Introductory cutscene music
File infoMedia:MvDKMLM CoasterHillsIntro.oga
Audio.svg Stage select music
File infoMedia:MvDKMLM CoasterHillsMenu.oga
Audio.svg HERE WE GO!
File infoMedia:MvDKMLM CoasterHillsBossHereWeGo.oga
Audio.svg Countdown before boss
File infoMedia:MvDKMLM CoasterHillsBossIntro.oga
Audio.svg Boss music
File infoMedia:MvDKMLM CoasterHillsBoss.oga
Audio.svg Lost against boss
File infoMedia:MvDKMLM CoasterHillsBossLose.oga
Audio.svg Defeated boss
File infoMedia:MvDKMLM CoasterHillsBossVictory.oga
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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コースターヒルズ
Kōsutā Hiruzu
Coaster Hills

French Poutrelles pentues
Steep girders
German Achterbahn-Hügel
Rollercoaster hills
Italian Colline saliscendi
Spanish (NOA) Lomas onduladas
Rolling hills
Spanish (NOE) Montaña Rusa
Roller Coaster


  • The music played in this attraction is rearranged music from Super Mario Bros. 2. The theme played in the levels is a based on the "Ground Theme", the music played in the DK level is based on the boss theme, the music played after completing a level is based on the theme played after defeating a world boss, and the music played when losing all Mini Mario toys is based on the theme played when losing a life.