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A Guriguri from Mario & Wario.

Guriguri are fireball enemies from the game Mario & Wario that travel along blocks and other objects. To weaken them, Wanda can hit them with her wand to make them smaller and slower, which allows easy passage in low-hanging spaces, although this is not useful for every situation. If they are on breakable obstacles such as Hibi Blocks, Wanda can instead simply crack or disable their foothold; this makes them continue to float in a direction until they hit an object, but this can also make them leave the level. They are extremely similar to the Lil Sparkies of Super Mario World.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese グリグリ[1]
From「グルグル」(guruguru, onomatopoeia of spinning around), shared with Dropper's Japanese name


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