Pukupuku Kai

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Pukupuku Kai
Pukupuku Kai button.
Game Mario & Wario
Level(s) 10
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Pukupuku Kai is the sixth stage found in Mario & Wario. It is an underwater place that has many Switch Block puzzles. Two Cheep Cheeps are seen in the background of the stage, with a third in the school not like the others. During the stage intro, Wario puts a jellyfish on the character's head.


Level Image Description Enemies and obstacles
Level 6-1 Level 6-1 map in the game Mario & Wario. This course is a primer to the Switch Blocks, which turn all the blocks of its type on or off. The fall from the top right to Luigi is designed to teach the player to activate them at the right time. Spikes
Level 6-2 Level 6-2 map in the game Mario & Wario. This course introduces Unibo, which are urchin-like creatures. Touching them means the loss of a life, so Wanda must make her character dodge them while working with tiny Switch Blocks and elevators. Luigi must be reached via dropping through the top right. Unibo
Level 6-3 Level 6-3 map in the game Mario & Wario. This course has a Tsubōn guarding passage to the left, but Wanda can simply flick the Switch Block it is clinging on to defeat it. After that, the player must handle alternating Switch Blocks and Unibo patrols. Luigi is in the top right. Unibo, Tsubōn
Level 6-4 Level 6-4 map in the game Mario & Wario. The character begins this course on the top left, and must navigate their way through several Unibo and elevators. Luigi to the left of the bottom floor, but getting the Stars and reaching Coin Blocks may prove to be less simple. Unibo
Level 6-5 Level 6-5 map in the game Mario & Wario. This course has several horizontal rows of Switch Blocks with vertically-moving Unibo. The course is thus fairly basic, but dropping to the wrong area may make the player unable to collect some Stars. Unibo
Level 6-6 Level 6-6 map in the game Mario & Wario. The first half is a descent with a sort of zig-zag with both horizontal and vertical Unibo, as well as some tiny Rock Blocks. The second half on the right is an ascent up some elevators with carefully-placed tiny Rock and Jump Blocks, and horizontal Unibo. Unibo
Level 6-7 Level 6-7 map in the game Mario & Wario. The beginning is similar to Level 6-4, but with trickier spots concerning elevators, Rock Blocks and Unibo. The middle section is also mandatory, and there are even tighter spaces if the player isn't careful. Luigi is in the bottom right. Unibo
Level 6-8 Level 6-8 map in the game Mario & Wario. This course is mostly a simple path from the top right to the top left, with more alternating Switch Blocks and elevators. However, there are also many spikes. Spikes
Level 6-9 Level 6-9 map in the game Mario & Wario. This course is a sort of spiral structure from outside to inside with Unibo and tiny Switch and Jump Blocks. It is easy for the player to get trapped with a Unibo with this setup. The character is safe once the character is on the elevator to Luigi and a Star. Unibo
Level 6-10 Level 6-10 map in the game Mario & Wario. This course has a deceptively simple path to Luigi from the bottom right tiny Jump Block, provided the player does not get overwhelmed by the new Switch Blocks that hold their character in place. Spikes


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese プクプク[1]
Pukupuku Kai
Cheep Cheep Sea


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