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Balloon Bridge is the seventh stage found in Mario & Wario. It is a sky area surrounded by clouds. A smiling sun and a Lakitu watch Wanda's progress. During the stage intro, Wario places a cloud on the character's head.

LEVEL 7-1[edit]

This course starts at the top right and the player can see two obstacles in the next floor - little Dodorigesu Jr. birds and new Fūsen Blocks. Fūsen Blocks are block-shaped balloons which inflate and shrink at intervals, meaning that Wanda has no control over them. Instead, the player must plan around them. Outside of Stars, the goal is towards the bottom, and the character must drop through the block which avoiding the small row of spikes.

LEVEL 7-2[edit]

This course starts at the bottom left and are more Dodorigesu Jr. and Fūsen Blocks. To the left is an elevator, and the player can test the Fūsen Block behind it to grab a Star. Beyond the Coin Block, the character must walk over the Fūsen Blocks seen earlier. After another elevator to the right is another Fūsen Block-filled floor that ends with a Jump Blocks, and to the right is Luigi and a Star on a Rock Block.

LEVEL 7-3[edit]

From the bottom right, the player must guide their character onto Flip-Flop Blocks over a pit of spikes, followed by a Fūsen Block in the middle and at the end. After the evelator, the Fūsen Blocks on two floors form a hole with Luigi in it. Stars can instead be searched for at this time.

LEVEL 7-4[edit]

At the bottom right, the character must cross on a few Fūsen Blocks over a bed of spikes. The player can make their character drop from the last one to reach a Star, then take one of the Jump Blocks on the left. On the next floor are some Fūsen Blocks alternating between the ground and a wall, with some tiny Rock Blocks over them that contain Stars. After the elevator, there are two of these Fūsen Blocks in a row, so the character must cross quickly. After the next one is Luigi.

LEVEL 7-5[edit]

The character starts at a platform on the top right and must either head down below it through a Fūsen Block or through a row of Fūsen Blocks to the left. If quick enough, the character can grab a Star or even Luigi, but once dropped there are many vertically-moving Unibō. To the left is an elevator, a Flip-Flop Block for safety, and a series of Jump Blocks and Fūsen Blocks that also lead to Luigi.

LEVEL 7-6[edit]

The character starts at the bottom left with Luigi directly above them, and several Dodorigesu Jr. in sight (one of them even falls down). The elevator on the right has a Coin Block against it, but a Dodorigesu Jr. is also resting at the top. The left has a split path formed by Fūsen Blocks to the left and below it, leading to a series of midair platforms. Taking the nearby Jump Block and heading to the elevator on the right leads to more Fūsen Block obstacles, with a dropoff on the left leading to Luigi.

LEVEL 7-7[edit]

The character starts on the top right and must head over the Fūsen Blocks on the left. The player can look for Stars and brave the spike traps, or drop down to Luigi.

LEVEL 7-8[edit]

This course begins as a vertical descent with Fūsen Blocks and then spikes as the character leaves. At the bottom right of the ground area is a large elevator, and Wanda must guide her character through Fūsen Blocks from there. The part before Luigi and a Star is lined with spikes.

LEVEL 7-9[edit]

The character starts at the top right and must head down some Fūsen and Rock Blocks. At the bottom of this platform is a tiny Jump Block, so the player must time falling between the floors to progress to the left. A Time Kinoko is available for players who used much of the Time Gauge getting there. At the top of the nearby elevator is a Star, and Fūsen Blocks forming the stairs to Luigi.

LEVEL 7-10[edit]

The player's character starts at the right of the bottom floor, and the player can see many Rock Blocks at the top of the screen with spikes and elevators. At the left is an elevator leading to some Flip-Flop Blocks that reach that area. Wanda must know which Rock Blocks to break and which Flip-Flop Blocks to generate, otherwise the character are unable to progress. As usual in spacious courses, Stars are out of the way and require much more effort than takes to reach Luigi.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バルーンブリッジ[1]
Barūn Burijji
Balloon Bridge



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