Honō no Dōkutsu

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Honō no Dōkutsu
Honō no Dōkutsu button.
Game Mario & Wario
Level(s) 10
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Honō no Dōkutsu is the fifth stage found in Mario & Wario. It is an underground area filled with magma. A Blargg can be seen in the background. In the stage intro, Wario drops a vase with a wide purple "M" on the character's head.


Level Image Description Enemies and obstacles
Level 5-1 Level 5-1 map in the game Mario & Wario. The character starts on the bottom right, with enemies called Tsubōn in front of them. They spit fireballs at intervals, but Wanda can either block them with her wand or break the Rock Block it is on to make them crash. Luigi is in sight after two elevators and Coin Blocks, but the misplaced Jump Block means more Tsubōn enemies. They can be dealt with the same way as the earlier ones, and there are Stars in this area. Tsubōn
Level 5-2 Level 5-2 map in the game Mario & Wario. The character starts on the bottom left, and at the end is an elevator with sideways Tsubōn lined up to knock the character off. At the top, Wanda must navigate her character to the right, dropping down and avoiding more enemy fire to reach Luigi. Tsubōn
Level 5-3 Level 5-3 map in the game Mario & Wario. This course features Tsubōn which do not cling on Rock Blocks, making evading their fire trickier. Instead, there are tiny Timer Blocks in front of them, which can be activated as the character begins to pass through. Luigi is in the spot above the entrance to the bottom right. Tsubōn
Level 5-4 Level 5-4 map in the game Mario & Wario. This course feature Tsubōn which do not have Rock Blocks or Timer Blocks around them, making passage more precise. The elevator to the right of the start takes the character on the path to Luigi. Tsubōn
Level 5-5 Level 5-5 map in the game Mario & Wario. The beginning of the course has an elevator leading out of the shaft the character's in, but there are more Tsubōn lying in wait. The player must either time it right or have Wanda block their fire. To the left are some Rock Blocks with Stars in the alcoves, followed by another elevator ride with Coin Blocks. Tsubōn
Level 5-6 Level 5-6 map in the game Mario & Wario. This course features a series of Jump Blocks and Tsubōn enemies, leading to plenty of vertical movement before finally reaching Luigi. Tsubōn
Level 5-7 Level 5-7 map in the game Mario & Wario. This course has some elements in confusing places, such as tiny Jump Blocks and floating platforms. Flip-Flop Blocks also return, but they are mostly used to get the Stars. The key to reaching Luigi lies in the far left. Tsubōn
Level 5-8 Level 5-8 map in the game Mario & Wario. The character starts at the top right with a Star behind them, having to endure more Tsubōn enemies. A new type is introduced - the diagonally-spitting ones that breathe a constant stream of fire. Wanda can hit them to make them fire in another direction. Taking the elevator on the bottom right leads the player's character to another diagonally-spitting Tsubōn in a tighter space, and them Luigi. Tsubōn
Level 5-9 Level 5-9 map in the game Mario & Wario. This course has more diagonally-spitting Tsubōn, as well as tiny Jump Blocks and Rock Blocks. There's generally less room to move around. The bottom right has an elevator to some Rock Blocks behind them, which must be broken to reach Luigi. Tsubōn
Level 5-10 Level 5-10 map in the game Mario & Wario. This is similar to the last area, except with more elevators and Flip-Flop Blocks, as well as more places to fall. Luigi is in the top right, behind the last Tsubōn. Tsubōn


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 洞窟[1]
Honō no Dōkutsu
Flame Cavern


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