Level 5-8 (Mario & Wario)

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Level 5-8
Level 5-8 map in the game Mario & Wario.
Level code 5-8
World Honō no Dōkutsu
Game Mario & Wario
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Level 5-8 is the eighth level of Honō no Dōkutsu and the forty-eighth level overall in Mario & Wario.


The player starts the level near the top right, whereas Luigi is found near the middle left. Wanda must have the player navigate through a spiral-like path while avoiding each Tsubōn so they may reach Luigi. There are also two Coin Blocks on the right edge near the middle and bottom respectively that Wanda can hit for up to twenty coins.


There are a total of four Stars in this level.

  • Star 1: In an alcove at the top right. Wanda must simply change the player's direction at the beginning for them to collect it.
  • Star 2: Just below the 1-Up Mushroom.
  • Star 3: Atop a Rock Block adjacent to the upper Coin Block. Wanda must simply destroy the Rock Block for the player to collect it.
  • Star 4: Just to the left of the goal, below the final Tsubōn.