Level 2-3 (Mario & Wario)

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Level 2-3
Level 2-3 map in the game Mario & Wario.
Level code 2-3
World Yosu Ko
Game Mario & Wario
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Level 2-3 is the third level of Yosu Ko and the thirteenth level overall in Mario & Wario.


The player starts the level at the bottom right, whereas Luigi is found at the top right. Wanda must first defeat a Dodorigesu Jr. in order for the player to use a Jump Block to reach the second floor. After encountering another Dodorigesu Jr., the player takes a short elevator to the only three Flip-Flop Blocks in the level, the rightmost of which must be deactivated for the player to use a second Jump Block to reach the top. After destroying the Rock Blocks blocking a third Jump Block, Wanda must guide the player right so they may reach Luigi.

There are also three Coin Blocks found near the left of the first floor, to the right of the elevator leading to the second Star, and at the top left of the area. Wanda can hit them for up to thirty coins.


There are a total of four Stars in this level.

  • Star 1: Atop the elevator leading to the trio of Flip-Flop Blocks.
  • Star 2: In the room on the right atop the third floor. In order to reach it, Wanda must activate all Flip-Flop Blocks on the second floor and defeat a subsequent Dodorigesu Jr. to guide the player to an elevator on the right side of the area.
  • Star 3: To the right of the Jump Block on the third floor.
  • Star 4: At the very left of the third floor. Wanda must simply destroy the Rock Block next to the Coin Block on the fourth floor for the player to reach it.