Level 4-1 (Mario & Wario)

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Level 4-1
Level 4-1 map in the game Mario & Wario.
Level code 4-1
World Kōri no Dōkutsu
Game Mario & Wario
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Level 4-1 is the first level of Kōri no Dōkutsu and the thirty-first level overall in Mario & Wario.


The player starts the level at the top right, whereas Luigi is found near the bottom right. Wanda must either destroy the Rock Blocks blocking the path on the left to Luigi, or destroy the Rock Blocks leading to the bottom and activate the Timer Blocks as the player moves across them, all while avoiding the Komorin.


There are a total of four Stars in this level.

  • Star 1: Near the top left, after the first Komorin. Wanda must activate the Flip-Flop Block to the right to allow the player to traverse across to it.
  • Star 2: Along the row of Rock Blocks to the left of the goal.
  • Star 3: Along the bottom path. Wanda must simply destroy the column of Rock Blocks at the bottom left, then activate the Timer Blocks as the player traverses them to collect it.
  • Star 4: Atop a Rock Block to the top left of the goal. Wanda must destroy the Rock Block to let the Star fall, then potentially destroy a second Rock Block if the player has collected the third Star.