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The Blue Switch Palace, a Switch Palace in Super Mario World

Switch Palaces[1] are places in Super Mario World. Throughout various levels, there are many colored outline squares called Dotted-Line Blocks. These squares can become ! Blocks by activating their respective color's ! Switch at the Switch Palaces. Switch Palaces are usually found by accessing the secret exit of an adjacent level (the only exception being the Yellow Switch Palace). A total of four Switch Palaces are accessible in Dinosaur Land. Each one of them is not playable again once it is completed.

List of Switch Palaces[edit]

Switch Switch Palace Where it's found How to access
YellowSwitch-SMW.png Yellow Switch Palace Yoshi's Island Beat Yoshi's Island 1.
Green Switch.png Green Switch Palace Donut Plains Find Donut Plains 2's secret exit via keyhole.
Red Switch.png Red Switch Palace Vanilla Dome Find Vanilla Dome 2's secret exit via keyhole.
Blue Switch.png Blue Switch Palace Forest of Illusion Find Forest of Illusion 2's secret exit via keyhole.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スイッチの宮殿[2]
Suicchi no Kyūden
Switch Palace
Spanish Palacio del Interruptor Switch Palace
French Palais Bloc Block Palace
German Schalterpalast Switch Palace
Portuguese Palácio de Transformação Transformation Palace



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