Chief Chilly

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Chief Chilly
Render of Chief Chilly from Super Mario 64 DS
Species Chill Bully
First appearance Super Mario 64 DS (2004)
Latest appearance Mario Kart DS (2005)
You there with the mustache! I am the king of cold, Chief Chilly. I lock up anyone who challenges the superiority of my 'stache.”
Chief Chilly, Super Mario 64 DS

Chief Chilly is a boss who appears in Super Mario 64 DS and Mario Kart DS. Resembling a larger version of Chill Bully, he is much larger than an average Bully and has a spiked mustache and a crown of ice crystals.


Super Mario 64 DS[edit]

Chief Chilly in Super Mario 64 DS.

Before the events of Super Mario 64 DS, Chief Chilly locked Wario up and was told by Bowser to guard the key to Wario's door. Chief Chilly is found at the end of the stage Chief Chilly Challenge, which only Luigi can access using a Power Flower in the room with the large mirror. Once the player enters Chief Chilly's arena, he states that he locked Wario up because he was rude and mocking Chief Chilly's mustache.

Within battle, Chief Chilly acts like a Big Bully; he can only be attacked by punching or kicking him off the stage. Every time the player manages to do so, Chief Chilly makes the stage smaller and then hops to the middle of stage. If the player is standing in the middle of the stage, they take damage. On the third attempt of pushing Chief Chilly off the ledge, he manages to stay on the ledge while off-balance, so the player must hit him once more to deal the final blow. Failure to do so results in Chief Chilly regaining his balance. Once Chief Chilly has fallen for the third time, he grants the player Wario's key.

Mario Kart DS[edit]

Chief Chilly battling Luigi in Mario Kart DS.

In Mario Kart DS, Luigi must battle Chief Chilly in Level 6 of Mission Mode. Like the battle with Big Bully, Luigi must push Chief Chilly off his platform and into the water. However, Chief Chilly must be pushed off three times instead of one time and becomes stronger and trickier with every successful attack on Luigi's part. However, after he falls into the water for the second time, he gains the ability to jump over Luigi's boost attacks. To defeat him, Luigi has to approach Chief Chilly, then attack him either from the side, where the boss is unable see him, or while the Bully boss is charging at him, which knocks both of them backward. Luigi can either attack him from afar or in close proximity to his frozen foe.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キングアイスどんけつ
Kingu Aisu Donketsu
King Ice Bully
Chinese 冰斗斗王
Bīng Dòudou Wáng
Ice Bully King
French Givros (Super Mario 64 DS)
Voyou Gelé (Mario Kart DS)
Pun of "givre" (frost) and "boss"
Frozen Bully
German König Schüttelfrost (Super Mario 64 DS)
Eis-Bully (Mario Kart DS)
King Chills
Ice Bully
Italian Gran Ghiaccio Great Ice
Korean 얼음으샤킹
Eoreum-Eusya King
Ice Bully King
Spanish Don Témpano Sir Iceberg


  • Although Yoshi normally cannot face Chief Chilly in Super Mario 64 DS, if the player uses a cheat code or a glitch to enter in the mirror and get into Chief Chilly Challenge, then Yoshi can face and defeat Chief Chilly (although Yoshi cannot punch or perform most kicks, Ground Pounds and crouching, sliding kicks, or sweep kicks still work against him). Chief Chilly also has special quotes for when facing Yoshi and when being defeated by him.