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This article is about the race course in Super Mario Kart. For the first Mario Circuit remix course in Mario Kart Tour, see RMX Mario Circuit 1.
Mario Circuit 1
Mario Circuit 1 from Super Mario Kart.
Appearance(s) Super Mario Kart (1992)
Mario Kart: Super Circuit (2001)
Mario Kart DS (2005)
Mario Kart Tour (2019)
Cup(s) Mushroom Cup (Super Mario Kart)
Extra Mushroom Cup (Super Circuit)
Shell Cup (DS)
Tour(s) New York Tour
Paris Tour (2019)
Winter Tour (2019)
Holiday Tour (2019)
New Year's Tour
Mario Bros. Tour
Baby Rosalina Tour
Trick Tour (2020)
Flower Tour
Jungle Tour
Pirate Tour
Super Mario Kart Tour
Mario vs. Luigi Tour
Berlin Tour
Mario Tour
Trick Tour (2021)
Frost Tour
Toad vs. Toadette Tour
Staff Ghost 0:50.688 by Ninten★いわ (DS)
(Mario in the Standard MR)
Wi-Fi No longer available (DS)
Super Mario Kart

Mario Kart: Super Circuit Mario Kart DS Mario Kart Tour

Course map
Super Mario Kart

The map for Mario Circuit 1.
Mario Kart: Super Circuit
MKSC SNES Mario Circuit 1 Map.png

Minimap as seen on the menu.Minimap as seen in the race.

Mario Kart DS
<small>SNES</small> Mario Circuit 1 map
Track map of SNES Mario Circuit 1.
Mario Kart Tour
Map of SNES Mario Circuit 1 from Mario Kart Tour.

Mario Circuit 1 is the first course of the Mushroom Cup in Super Mario Kart and as such, the first course in the Mario Kart series in general. It was later reused as the first Extra Course in Mario Kart: Super Circuit and the first Retro Course in Mario Kart DS, being the first Retro Course in the series. It later reappears as a recurring course in Mario Kart Tour, first appearing in the New York Tour.

Course layout[edit]

Mario racing on the course

The only hazard in this course is the Warp Pipes that appear near the second turn of the course. After the player passes the pipes, they find the only set of item boxes in the course. There is also a shortcut a racer can take by driving through the dirt right after passing the item boxes. The player needs either a Mushroom or a Star to successfully implement the shortcut without slowing down. However, taking the shortcut without an item does not take more time than following the course.

Mario Kart: Super Circuit[edit]

Peach racing on the course: note the lack of pipes.

Mario Circuit 1 reappears in Mario Kart: Super Circuit, and is the first track in the Extra Mushroom Cup. It uses the background from Peach Circuit. The pipe hazards were removed from the track, but an item box can be found in the shortcut.

Mario Kart DS[edit]

The course in Mario Kart DS

Mario Circuit 1 is the first course in the Shell Cup in Mario Kart DS, as well as the first retro course in the series overall. Mission 1-8 (Perform 4 power-slide turbo boosts in 1 lap!) in this game takes place here. This course was available in Wi-Fi.

This track retains the same hazards as in Super Mario Kart, though it is a bit longer as well.

Mario Kart Tour[edit]

The course in Mario Kart Tour

Mario Circuit 1 makes a return in Mario Kart Tour, retaining its Mario Kart DS layout. The two pipes on the right after the third turn were moved onto the right side of the track. The mountains and trees in the background are now in 3D. It is one of the many classic courses that did not appear in Mario Kart 7. This course is a favorite of Mario, Toad (Pit Crew), Nabbit, Mario (Hakama), Mario (Classic), Mario (Halloween), Baby Mario (Koala), Mario (Baseball), and Peach (Happi). It is also a favorite of Peach (Kimono) and Mario (SNES) if they are at level 3, and Luigi (Lederhosen) and Mario (Racing) if they are at level 6. Mario Circuit 1 was introduced in the New York Tour along with its reversed and trick versions, titled Mario Circuit 1R and Mario Circuit 1T respectively; a reversed/trick version, Mario Circuit 1R/T, was later introduced in the 2019 Holiday Tour. In the reverse and reverse and trick variant, a Glide Ramp is added near the Finish Line.

Prior to the 2019 Paris Tour, no driver had SNES Mario Circuit 1R listed as a favorite course; instead, its appearance in the Peach Cup in the New York Tour relied on the cup bonus to raise Peach to the top tier.

Unlike most of the SNES courses, Mario Circuit 1 reuses Mario Kart Wii's arrangement for Mario Circuit 3, instead of the original music from Super Mario Kart.

For this course's tour appearances, see List of SNES Mario Circuit 1 tour appearances in Mario Kart Tour.


Mario Kart DS[edit]

  • Instruction booklet and US website: "Pulled straight from the SNES version of Super Mario Kart, this narrow track is further complicated by the pipes that protrude from its surface."
  • European website: "The one that started it all. The first track from the original Super Mario Kart has a simple layout but don’t let that fool you. Veteran racers know that pixel-perfect precision is needed to negotiate this track’s turns without hitting the pipes jutting from the ground."


Mario Kart: Super Circuit[edit]

Mario Kart DS[edit]

Mario Kart Tour[edit]

Course icons[edit]



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マリオサーキット1
Mario Sākitto 1
Mario Circuit 1
Chinese (Simplified) 马力欧赛道1
Mǎlìōu Sàidào 1
Mario Speedway 1
Chinese (Traditional) 瑪利歐賽道1
Mǎlìōu Sàidào 1
Mario Speedway 1
French Circuit Mario 1 Mario Circuit 1
German Marios Piste 1 Mario's Circuit 1
Italian Circuito di Mario 1 Mario's Circuit 1
Korean 마리오 서킷1
Mario Seokit 1
Mario Circuit 1
Portuguese (NOA) Circuito Mario 1 Mario Circuit 1
Spanish Circuito Mario (Mario Kart DS)
Circuito Mario 1 (Mario Kart Tour)
Mario Circuit
Mario Circuit 1



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