Merry Mountain

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Merry Mountain
View of Merry Mountain in Mario Kart Tour
Appearance(s) Mario Kart Tour (2020)
Tour(s) Winter Tour (2020)
Rosalina Tour
Cat Tour
Holiday Tour (2021)
Course map
The map of Merry Mountain from Mario Kart Tour

Merry Mountain is a race course in Mario Kart Tour. It is a course that is based on the North Pole and Santa's workshop, taking place around a small village and a foggy mountain decorated with Christmas presents. Merry Mountain debuted as the featured course in the 2020 Winter Tour. This is the first new course in the game which is not based on a real-life city or a previous course. It is also the first original course that is not based on a previous course to appear in normal tours. Several Toads, Yoshis, and Shy Guys act as audience members in the village segment of the course. There are several flying sleighs with audience members in the course, flying around the mountain and riding the course's railroad. Ironically, this is the only course in the game at the time that does not have any festive trees, despite the course's Christmas theme. The course's R/T variant debuts in the 2021 Holiday Tour. The course is a favorite of Penguin Luigi, Cat Peach, Luigi (Classic), Captain Toad, Peach (Halloween), Luigi (Lederhosen), Mario (Tuxedo), Luigi (Painter), and Bowser (Santa). It can also be a favorite of Fire Rosalina when she reaches level 3, and Cat Toad when he reaches level 6.

Course layout[edit]

The race course begins at the snowy village on the mountain's base, with a couple of bends in the road before moving into the rocky cliffside area. There is a split in the road at the cliffside; the lower path features a dirt road with coins, and the upper path features a railroad bridge, which lets the driver boost on a Dash Panel onto another suspended ramp, allowing them to trick a second time. After the split path, there is a wooden bridge which takes the driver further up the mountain, which is decorated with candles, Christmas presents, and candy canes. After several turns in the road, there is a large bump in the road allowing the player to trick. There is a tower of large presents at the top of the mountain, where a gondola lift of presents feeds into. The peak of the mountain features a super half-pipe giving the player a speed boost, at which point the race track goes down the mountain's steep slope. The road to the finish line features a wide Dash Panel beginning the descend down the mountain, with a snowy ramp and two Dash Panels on each side of the road following after. Finally, the track ends with a ramp allowing the player to jump over a bottomless pit beneath the mountain's base, and onto the finish line back at the village. In the reverse and reverse/trick variants, the player can hit a candy cane with an Item Box on it via the super half-pipe.


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  • Mario Kart Tour Twitter:
    • A brand-new course is ready in #MarioKartTour! Welcome to Merry Mountain! This is an original course appearing in a Mario Kart game for the first time. We hope you look forward to the Winter Tour that starts on Dec. 1![1]
    • The Winter Tour starts today and it features the debut of Merry Mountain, a brand-new course lined with candy-like street lamps and gift boxes! And we've brought back the festive trees. They're hidden along courses in #MarioKartTour![2]
    • The new course features holiday sights perfect for winter! Take screenshots in Auto Mode and share with the hashtag #MerryMountain! Number of total posts X10 coins will be gifted to all players! (Max of 5,000 coins) Promotion runs until Dec. 6, 6:59 AM PT. See image for details![3]
    • A photo-sharing campaign is on now in #MarioKartTour! Here's where we'd recommend taking memorable photos on the new course: the main street with its cobbled path and warmly lit storefronts! If you get a good shot in auto mode, share it with the hashtag #MerryMountain![4]
    • A photo-sharing campaign is on now in #MarioKartTour! Here's another spot we'd recommend to take photos on the new course: Stay on the train tracks long enough, and what do you see? If you get a good shot in auto mode, share it with the hashtag #MerryMountain![5]
    • A photo-sharing campaign is on now in #MarioKartTour! Here's the last spot we recommend taking photos on the new course: After nailing the super half-pipe, the slope will take you back to town! If you get a good shot in auto mode, share it with the hashtag #MerryMountain![6]
  • The official home of Super Mario: Jingle all the way to the top of Merry Mountain, a brand-new course making its Mario Kart™ series debut! Race through the streets of a lively and festive town, heading up the train tracks on your way to the top of the present-adorned peak. The super half-pipe at the top is great for catching some air right before you descend back to the warmly lit town.[7]


Course icons[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese メリーメリーマウンテン
Merī Merī Maunten
Merry Merry Mountain
Chinese (Simplified) 欢乐山
Huānlè Shān
Happy Mountain
Chinese (Traditional) 歡樂山
Huānlè Shān
Happy Mountain
French Mont festif Festive Mountain
German Bergbescherung Mountain Presents
Italian Valico Addobbo Decoration Pass
Korean 메리 마운틴
Meli Mauntin
Merry Mountain
Portuguese Vila dos Presentes Presents Village
Spanish Aldea de los Regalos Presents Village


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