DK Jungle (Mario Kart Arcade GP DX)

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DK Jungle
MKAGPDX DKJungle.jpg
Appears in Mario Kart Arcade GP DX (December 12, 2018 update) (2018)
Cup(s) Donkey Kong Cup

DK Jungle is the second race track in the Donkey Kong Cup in Mario Kart Arcade GP DX. It was released alongside Bananan Labyrinth in an update on December 12, 2018 and appears to take place in the same location as that track, but has a different layout. This track is two laps long.


The track first begins in a flat area with a few small hills in the ground and then leads into a right turn into a short forested area with a single puddle of water on the left side. After this is a left turn which leads into a straightaway covered with water that then goes into a cave area. This area has one right turn which leads to another straightaway covered with water with a single ring on the right side. After that is a short stairway and a left turn past a temple that leads into right turn with Screaming Pillars that the player must avoid. After this is a stone area with a few small turns. Towards the end of this area, the ceiling will collapse and some doorways will open when the player approaches them. The end of this area has a Glide Ramp that leads into a large beanstalk area with a wooden bridge. There is one small right turn and a small left turn in this area before the player ends back at the finish line.



  • At the starting line of the course, several Kongs resembling Diddy Kong are present, along with numerous parrots that resemble Squawks.