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Amsterdam Drift
Amsterdam Drift in Mario Kart Tour
Appears in Mario Kart Tour (2022)
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
(Booster Course Pass, Wave 4) (2023)
Cup(s) Fruit Cup
Based on Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Online play Available (Switch)
Music sample
Mario Kart Tour
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (frontrunning)
Course map
Mario Kart Tour
Amsterdam Drift
Map of Amsterdam Drift from Mario Kart Tour
Amsterdam Drift 2
Map of Amsterdam Drift 2 from Mario Kart Tour
Amsterdam Drift 3
Map of Amsterdam Drift 3 from Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Map of <small>Tour</small> Amsterdam Drift in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.
Staff ghost(s)
8DX 150cc Nin★Mark
1:48.580 DaisyPrancer body from Mario Kart 8Wood tires from Mario Kart 8Thumbnail of Princess Daisy, Baby Daisy and Orange Mii's Super Glider (with 8 icon), in Mario Kart 8.
8DX 200cc Nin★Rie
1:19.135 Shy Guy's head icon in Mario Kart 8Flame Rider body from Mario Kart 8Picture of the kart part Off-Road in Mario Kart 8.Thumbnail of Shy Guy's Super Glider (with 8 icon), in Mario Kart 8.

Amsterdam Drift is a race course in Mario Kart Tour. It is set in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Like with a majority of the game's other city courses, this course has three routes: Amsterdam Drift, Amsterdam Drift 2, and Amsterdam Drift 3. The first route debuted in the city's namesake tour, the Amsterdam Tour, the second route debuted in the Metropolitan Tour, and the third route debuted in the November–December 2022 Peach vs. Bowser Tour. The first route takes players through the Zaanse Schans and the streets of central Amsterdam, the second route takes players into the canals of the city, and the third route takes racers through the Keukenhof tulip fields and some parts of central Amsterdam. Amsterdam Drift is the only city course to have all three of its routes released in the same year. Additionally, the first route starts in the opposite direction compared to the other two.

Portions of this course are set underwater in the canals of Amsterdam, making this the only city course so far with mandatory underwater driving, and the third city course with underwater driving altogether, after Los Angeles Laps and Singapore Speedway.

The first route is a favorite of Luigi (Golf), Mario (Aviator), Rosalina (Volendam), Donkey Kong Jr. (SNES), and the Nabbit and Pastry Chef Mii Racing Suits. The second route is a favorite of Toadette (Explorer), Baby Mario (Koala), Penguin Mario, Penguin Toadette, Rosalina (Volendam), Daisy (Farmer), Rosalina (Chef), Petey Piranha, and the Gold Mii Racing Suit. The third route is a favorite of Peach (Vacation), Yoshi (Egg Hunt), Mario (Tuxedo), Luigi (Painter), Rosalina (Volendam), Toadette (Sailor), and the Toad, White, and Rocky Wrench Mii Racing Suits.

Amsterdam Drift appears as the first course of the Fruit Cup in the Booster Course Pass for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Mario Kart Tour[edit]

Course layouts[edit]

Amsterdam Drift's course layout in relation to its other layoutsAmsterdam Drift 2's course layout in relation to its other layouts
Amsterdam Drift 3's course layout in relation to its other layouts
This city course's routes in relation to each other.

Amsterdam Drift[edit]

In the standard layout, the racers start the course on Damrak street, in between the Royal Palace of Amsterdam and De Bijenkorf, while they head towards Amsterdam Centraal Station before making a right turn. After that, the racers make a left turn while they pass the Montelbaanstoren, followed by going underneath the NEMO Science Museum and through the IJtunnel. The racers then glide over a river acting as both the IJ in Amsterdam and the Zaan at the Zaanse Schans, in between the mills Het Jonge Schaap and De Zoeker while avoiding their sails. They then make their way to a dirt road with Monty Moles (Goombas in the T variant) and a shortcut ramp. Houses and windmills resembling those found on the Zaanse Schans appear in the background of the area. The course eventually leads to a Dash Panel, making the racers jump onto a ferry. This is followed by another jump from the ferry onto the paved road again. The racers then go down the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal street, which leads right behind the Royal Palace, along with Hotel Die Port van Cleve and the Former Amsterdam Main Post Office (currently a shopping mall known as Magna Plaza). There, there is a moving tram which drivers can run into for a Jump Boost. The road makes a gradual left, transitioning into the Rokin street and going past Gebouw Industria, before leading to the finish line. In the T and R/T variants and the Do Jump Boosts bonus challenge of the course, the player can go underwater in some parts of the course.

The course also appears as Amsterdam Drift R (reverse), Amsterdam Drift T (with ramps), and Amsterdam Drift R/T (reverse and with ramps).

Amsterdam Drift 2[edit]

In the standard layout, the racers start the course on Damrak street, in between the Royal Palace of Amsterdam and De Bijenkorf, but unlike the first Amsterdam Drift, racers now head away from Amsterdam Centraal Station, where they then take a slight right turn before heading into the canals of the city. Racers take a sharp left turn in the canals and maneuver in between many warp pipes with currents coming out of them. A serpentine turn is taken before heading to a straightaway. Here, there is a fork in the road where players can either go straight ahead then take a 90 degree left turn, or immediately take a 90 degree left turn then take a right turn after. If going straight, racers can choose to use an air current to briefly jump out of the water onto a boat in the canal before driving back in. When both routes meet up again, they lead to a ramp that leads out of the canal again, and back to the surface outside the Amsterdam Centraal Station. One final left turn is taken before reaching the finishing line.

The course also appears as Amsterdam Drift 2R (reverse), Amsterdam Drift 2T (with ramps), and Amsterdam Drift 2R/T (reverse and with ramps); the first two debuted alongside the normal variant in the Metropolitan Tour, while the last debuted in the Anniversary Tour.

The release of this layout marks the shortest period of time between the release of two different routes, debuting less than two months after the first.

Amsterdam Drift 3[edit]

This route begins in the same place as the other routes, on Damrak, only facing away from the Amsterdam Centraal station, like with Amsterdam Drift 2. Racers take a slight right before entering a canal. Instead of going left like they would on Amsterdam Drift 2, racers go straight ahead to continue through the canal before turning left and coming out in the Keukenhof tulip fields. Racers avoid Piranha Plants while serpentining through the field before driving through the Rijksmuseum. Racers take a sharp right in front of the Bloemenmarkt before taking an even sharper left to re-enter the streets of central Amsterdam. Racers drive past the National Monument, then come across a moving tram which can give a Jump Boost if driven into (like the first route for the city), before taking two last 90 degree left turns to the finish line.

The course also appears as Amsterdam Drift 3R (reverse), Amsterdam Drift 3T (with ramps), and Amsterdam Drift 3R/T (reverse and with ramps).

In the R variant, goats appear in the Keukenhof section in place of Piranha Plants, while in the T variant, Monty Moles appear instead. Amsterdam Drift 3 is the only city course route so far to debut in a Team Rally.


For this course's tour appearances, see List of Amsterdam Drift tour appearances in Mario Kart Tour.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe[edit]

Amsterdam Drift in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Amsterdam Drift returns in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe as part of Wave 4 of the Booster Course Pass, where it appears as the first course of the Fruit Cup. It is an expanded and combined version of the three routes for the course in Mario Kart Tour, and has received significant visual upgrades compared to how it appeared originally. The music has been shortened by four measures; a jaw harp, bells, and whistling have been added to the instrumentation, and the vocals play for an additional bar in the portion preceding the loop. The canal section is much more saturated than before, and is now a vibrant blue hue when underwater. The water itself is also more transparent when viewed from the surface. The boat above the canals now faces the opposite direction to accommodate for the route now being done backwards. The minimap has also been rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise.

The course begins with the first route for the course, with racers starting on the Damrak street, driving past the Amsterdam Centraal Station and the Montelbaanstoren before turning left and gliding to the Zaanse Schans. Racers pass the windmills before eventually turning back into the city, passing a tram as they do. The trams knock over racers that hit them, much like the trains in Super Bell Subway and N64 Kalimari Desert. After a sharp left turn, they reach lap 2.

The second lap is based on Amsterdam Drift 2R. The fork in the canal now only uses the road that goes straight ahead, leaving the other way blocked off (similar to Amsterdam Drift 2R/T); however, racers can still access a boat located atop the canal. Racers maneuver in between the warp pipes with currents before coming out of the water and reaching lap 3.

The third and final lap begins with Amsterdam Drift 3R; racers turn right twice and pass another tram, before following a road connecting the first and third routes (that is unused in Tour). Racers are then lead to Amsterdam Drift 3, facing the route's regular direction, as they enter the canals again. Players come out at the tulip fields, avoiding Piranha Plants until they drive under the Rijksmuseum and the Bloemenmarkt. After a few sharp turns, racers finally reach the finishing line.

Unlike most other courses using arrow fields, Amsterdam Drift can be driven in reverse for a time without Lakitu picking up drivers, with the third lap route loading in; however, unlike N64 Kalimari Desert and Tour London Loop, this does not trigger any unusual behavior.

Amsterdam Drift is one of three courses from Mario Kart Tour to appear in the fourth wave, alongside Tour Bangkok Rush and Tour Singapore Speedway. It is the only one that is not in the Boomerang Cup. Amsterdam Drift's appearance in the Booster Course Pass also makes it one of four courses in the Mario Kart series that allow racers to run into other racers going in the opposite direction, the others being Luigi Circuit in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, DS Peach Gardens, and Tour Paris Promenade.


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe[edit]

  • Nintendo Switch Newsfeed (UK): No time to mill around - Amsterdam Drift awaits! First appearing in the smart device title Mario Kart Tour, this picturesque course set in and around the Dutch capital will take you past windmills and across fields of tulips, as well as many other famous sights. What's more, the route changes from lap to lap, with some sections even diving into the city's iconic canals - but don't let that dampen your enthusiasm!


Mario Kart Tour[edit]

Amsterdam Drift[edit]

Course icons[edit]

Amsterdam Drift 2[edit]

Course icons[edit]

Amsterdam Drift 3[edit]

Course icons[edit]

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アムステルダム ブルーム
Amusuterudamu Burūmu
Amsterdam Bloom
Chinese 阿姆斯特丹漂流
Āmǔsītèdān Piāoliú
Amsterdam Drift
Dutch Afslag Amsterdam Amsterdam Exit
French (NOA) Escapade à Amsterdam Escapade to Amsterdam
French (NOE) Virée à Amsterdam Trip to Amsterdam
German Ausfahrt Amsterdam Amsterdam Drive
Italian Amsterdam in derapata Amsterdam Drifting
Korean 암스테르담 해류
Amseutereudam Haeryu
Amsterdam Current
Portuguese (NOA) Amsterdã Acelerada Accelerated Amsterdam
Portuguese (NOE) Deslizes em Amesterdão Sliding in Amsterdam
Russian Заезд в Амстердаме
Zayezd v Amsterdame
Check-in in Amsterdam
Spanish (NOA) Ámsterdam acelerada Accelerated Amsterdam
Spanish (NOE) Derrapes en Ámsterdam Drifts in Amsterdam