Bowser's Castle (Mario Kart Arcade GP DX)

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This article is about the course in Mario Kart Arcade GP DX. For the course in Mario Kart Arcade GP and Mario Kart Arcade GP 2, see Bowser's Castle (Mario Kart Arcade GP). For other uses, see Bowser's Castle (disambiguation).
Bowser's Castle
Preview of the Mario Kart Arcade GP DX course Bowser Castle
Appears in Mario Kart Arcade GP DX (2013)
Cup(s) Bowser Cup
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Bowser's Castle is a race course in Mario Kart Arcade GP DX, appearing in the second and fourth rounds of the Bowser Cup (which is only available for 100cc and up), while its counterpart, Bowser's Factory, appears in the first and third rounds of the same cup. The course uses a revamped layout of Castle Wall of Mario Kart Arcade GP and Mario Kart Arcade GP 2, but is very different in comparison, as notably, the eponymous castle wall is not present in this incarnation of Bowser's Castle.

The course starts similarly to Bowser's Factory: racers enter the castle (with a giant statue of Bowser looming over the gateway), and make a hairpin turn in a room full of lava, and mechanics such as gears and pistons. However, instead of then driving straight into the factory section, racers are instructed to turn left, leading them through another lava room into some sort of engine room-like dungeon, where Dry Bones are spectating the race. This section consists of a curved path with Dash Panels, leading upwards around a Koopa Clown Car-like structure, to the exit of the room, leading racers outside the castle, high above volcanic ground. Using a Glide Ramp, racers will be able to glide safely towards the other end, leading them towards a structure labeled "Kamek's Laboratory". Inside the laboratory is another dungeon-like area with green-glowing grates decorating the floor. Racers have to follow the curved path inside the laboratory, around a large hologram of Kamek. Once exiting the laboratory, racers drive over a paved road that leads them to a cliff. Following the cliff's path lead them back to the entrance of the castle.


Mario Kart Arcade GP DX[edit]

  • Japanese website bio: クッパ城を舞台に熱いバトルが期待される超難関コース。コース最後のジャンプエリアが勝敗の鍵をにぎるぞ![1] (Bowser's Castle is a super difficult course where heated battles are expected. The jump area at the end of the course holds the key to victory!)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クッパキャッスル
Kuppa Kyassuru
Bowser's Castle

Chinese (simplified) 酷霸王城堡[2]
Kùbàwáng Chéngbǎo
Bowser Castle


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