Bowser Castle 1

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This article is about the race course Bowser Castle 1. For other uses, see Bowser's Castle (disambiguation).

Bowser Castle 1 is the name of the first Bowser Castle course in both Super Mario Kart and Mario Kart Super Circuit. In both games, it is the fourth course in the Mushroom Cup.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クッパキャッスル1
Kuppa Kyassuru 1
Bowser Castle 1
Spanish Castillo de Bowser 1 Bowser's Castle 1
French Château de Bowser 1 Bowser's Castle 1
Dutch Bowsers Kasteel 1 Bowser's Castle 1
German Bowsers Festung 1 Bowser's Fortress 1
Italian Castello di Bowser 1 Bowser's Castle 1
Portuguese Castelo 1 do Bowser Bowser's Castle 1
Russian Замок Боузера 1
Zamok Bouzera 1
Bowser Castle 1
Korean 쿠파 성1
Kupa Seong 1
Bowser Castle 1
Chinese 庫巴城堡1
Kùbā Chéngbǎo 1
Bowser Castle 1

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