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In-game artwork of a Dolphin from Dr. Mario World
First appearance Super Mario World (1990)
Latest appearance Mario Party Superstars (cameo) (2021)
“Want to ride the Dolphin Shuttle? Travel 20 spaces for 15 coins right now!”
Dolphin, Mario Party 8

Dolphins are goggle-wearing cetaceans that debuted in Super Mario World. Here, they act as platforms that leap out of the water, helping Mario and Luigi reach items and avoid enemies. In other Super Mario media, Dolphins typically appear as background elements, though they have more prominent roles throughout the Mario Party series and a particular Dolphin even had a playable role in Dr. Mario World.


Super Mario World / Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2[edit]

Two Dolphins from Super Mario World
Two Dolphins from Super Mario World
Two Dolphins from Super Mario World

Dolphins only appear in Vanilla Secret 3 and in a hidden area near the end of Chocolate Island 1. They are used as platforms to cross a body of water populated by Porcu-Puffers. They jump in and out of water either vertically or in parabolic arcs. In the Japanese version of Super Mario World, Yoshi can eat the Dolphins. This was changed in Western versions of the original Super Mario World, but was retained in all versions of Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2. They also appear in the opening sequence of Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2.

Super Mario World television series[edit]

Luigi and Yoshi with two Dolphins in the Super Mario World television series episode "Mama Luigi".

In the Super Mario World television series, Dolphins appear only in the episode "Mama Luigi". Seeing that Luigi and Yoshi are being attacked by a Torpedo Ted, two Dolphins decide to help them by letting them ride on their backs. Evading the Torpedo Ted, the Dolphins drop Luigi and Yoshi off at a nearby beach. After being thanked by Luigi, the two friendly Dolphins leap back into the water, cheering happily.

Nintendo Adventure Books[edit]

A Dolphin is featured on the cover of Dinosaur Dilemma, and artwork of one is used in the book, but none appear in the actual story. An equally friendly sub-species of them, the Micro-Dolphins, is discovered to be living inside Yoshi in Unjust Desserts.

Super Mario-kun[edit]

Page from Super Mario-kun volume 2 chapter 2 that shows the Dolphins
The Dolphins as they appear in the manga

Dolphins appear in the second chapter of the second volume of Super Mario-kun as allies. When the Mekakuppa attacks Mario, Luigi and Yoshi at Vanilla Dome, it creates a hole in the roof, flooding the dome with the water of Vanilla Secret 3. Dolphins come down with the water and offer to help the three heroes to escape by making them ride their backs and swim over the waterfall, reaching the surface. Mario then proceeds to clog the hole, trapping (briefly) the Mekakuppa in the dome and then proceeds to thank the Dolphins, along with saving them from Yoshi (who kept trying to eat them).

Mario Party series[edit]

Mario Party 4[edit]

A Dolphin appears in Koopa's Seaside Soiree in Mario Party 4, where he will let the character played as get on his back while he swims through the water. The character can Jump to get Coins this Dolphin swims by on the trip.

Mario Party Advance[edit]

Dolphin from Mario Party Advance
“Hello, ladies and germs! Enjoy the show!”
Dolphin, Mario Party Advance

A Dolphin is met in the Shroom City mode of Mario Party Advance. When encountered at the Mario Vaudeville, he glumly asks if the player could listen to his story. If accepted, he explains that he's a (self-proclaimed) good comedian, but has had difficulty to get any gigs. Because people don't laugh at his jokes, he doesn't have any confidence, leading him to ask if they could listen to his routine. He asks them to laugh whenever he tells a joke, in the hopes of getting someone else to watch him. After going through his routine, they end up amassing a crowd of Dolphins around him. Dolphin proudly states that he's a comic genius, thanks to the player's help, and gives them the Snow Globe Gaddget. He was also one of the three suspects who was around the area when Shroomlock was dragged off Sushi Cliff. When interrogated, he claimed that he was not responsible for anything, "cross [his] fins". The ending credits state that he has since become a massively popular TV star.

Mario Party 5[edit]

In Mario Party 5, a Dolphin has been seen in the Undersea Dream. It only shows up if the player lands on the Green Space on the sunken ship.

Mario Party 7[edit]

In Mario Party 7, some Dolphins can be seen jumping out of the water in the file select screen.

Mario Party 8[edit]

In Mario Party 8, Dolphins, also referred to as Dolphin Shuttles, play an important role in the board Goomba's Booty Boardwalk; players can pay them a certain number of coins depending on what place they are in, allowing them to take a ride on the Dolphin's back and advance a number of spaces.

Mario Party 9[edit]

Mario and friends riding on Dolphins in the intro to Ring Leader.
Dolphins in Mario Party 9

In Mario Party 9, Dolphins appear on Blooper Beach. On the first half of the board, a Dolphin is the first active sea creature when a party is started, being six spaces away at first. They advance two spaces every turn, and if the player lands on or catches up to the dolphin while captain, the Dolphin gives them 5 Mini Stars. Dolphins also appear when the player lands on a Lucky Space near the end of the board. Landing on one of them results in a trio of Dolphins leading the player to an island with several Mini Stars. Additionally, during the minigame Ring Leader, the players ride Dolphins to jump through hoops.

Mario Party: The Top 100[edit]

In Mario Party: The Top 100, a Dolphin makes a cameo appearance in the Collection mode, appearing in Mario Party 9's box art.

Mario Party Superstars[edit]

Similar to Mario Party: The Top 100, the sole appearance of a Dolphin in Mario Party Superstars is as a cameo on the Mario Party 9 box art, in the Data House. Players can choose Mario Party 9 as their favorite game, causing the box art to appear on it.

Mario Kart series[edit]

Mario Kart Wii[edit]

Mario's Dolphin Dasher
Mario's Dolphin Dasher

While no Dolphins themselves appear in Mario Kart Wii, a medium-sized bike called the Dolphin Dasher is based off of a Dolphin.

Mario Kart Arcade GP DX[edit]

Dolphins make their first cameo appearance in the Mario Kart series in Mario Kart Arcade GP DX, where they can be seen jumping out of the water in the Splash Circuit and Tropical Coast stages. A kart based off Dolphins called the Turbo Dolphin appears in the game.

Mario Kart 8 / Mario Kart 8 Deluxe[edit]

Yoshi driving the Wild Wiggler in Dolphin Shoals of Mario Kart 8
Dolphins in Mario Kart 8

In Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, there is a banner with Dolphin artwork from Super Mario World on it found in Toad Harbor. Also, Dolphin Shoals features Dolphins that act similarly to those in Mario Kart Arcade GP DX, as well as Dolphin-shaped hill structures. In Sunshine Airport, this course can be seen listed on the signboards in the terminal next to other courses.

Mario Kart Tour[edit]

A Dolphin appears on a badge in Mario Kart Tour. Additionally, a Mii Racing Suit based on the Dolphin was added in the Ocean Tour as part of Wave 11 of the Mii suits, with the Dash Ring as its special skill. A kart based on a Dolphin, named Dolphin Drifter, is also added in the Vacation Tour.

Mario Golf: World Tour[edit]

Dolphins appear in Mario Golf: World Tour swimming around in the background of Cheep Cheep Lagoon.

Mario Playing Cards[edit]

The Three of Clubs card from the NAP-06 deck.
Three of Clubs Mario Trump card

A Dolphin appears on the three of clubs in the NAP-06 deck of the Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary release of the Mario Playing Cards.

Dr. Mario World[edit]

Artwork of Dr. Dolphin for Dr. Mario World
Dr. Dolphin in Dr. Mario World

Dolphins appear in Dr. Mario World as assistants. Their stage mode effect increases the player's base score for every blue virus that are eliminated. Their versus mode effect grants a chance one of the viruses that appear is transformed into an exploder when all viruses in the player's play area are eliminated. The amount of points gained and the chance of an exploder appearing are increased at higher levels, starting from 50 points and 20% respectively to 200 points and 100% respectively.

A Dolphin also appears as a playable character under the name Dr. Dolphin, marking the first time a Dolphin has been playable in any Super Mario game. His skill effect is the same as Dr. Bowser Jr.'s in that in stage mode an amount of bubbles are popped, while in versus mode viruses are covered inside bubbles. The amount of bubbles or viruses targeted are fewer than Dr. Bowser Jr.'s skill, where Dr. Dolphin's skill pops 4 bubbles (3 prior to version 2.2.0) as opposed to Dr. Bowser Jr.'s 10, while in versus mode at maximum level, Dr. Dolphin covers up to 6 viruses inside bubbles as opposed to Dr. Bowser Jr.'s maximum of 10. To compensate, his skill charges faster compared to Dr. Bowser Jr.'s.

Other appearances[edit]

In the Super Mario Mash-up of Minecraft, regular dolphins are reskinned as Dolphins from the Super Mario franchise.

Profiles and statistics[edit]

Super Mario World[edit]

  • English instruction booklet: Don't worry, these guys aren't enemies; they help Mario cross water. A useful shoal of dolphin look alikes![1]

Perfect Ban Mario Character Daijiten[edit]

種族 アクア族
性格 やさしい、陽気
登場ゲーム ワールド

Tribe: Aqua clan
Disposition: Gentle, cheerful
Game appearances: World
Cheerful and friendly dolphin
Helpful characters that swim in groups. Some jump vertically, while others jump left and right. Since there are many of them, you need to move around them and move on.

Dr. Mario World[edit]


Image Abilities Attack Speed Defense
Animated image of Dr. Dolphin from Dr. Mario World
  • Stage mode: Pops bubbles (4).
  • Stage mode (prior to version 2.2.0): Pops bubbles (3).
  • Versus mode: Hides viruses (1/2/3/4/6) in opponent's stage in bubbles.
An attack bomb representing a doctor's attack from Dr. Mario World
An attack bomb representing a doctor's attack from Dr. Mario World
An attack bomb representing a doctor's attack from Dr. Mario World
An attack bomb representing a doctor's attack from Dr. Mario World
An attack bomb representing a doctor's attack from Dr. Mario World
Stage Mode Versus Mode
Level Speed Description Speed
1 24 Hides viruses (1) in opponent's stage in bubbles. 32
2 22 Hides viruses (2) in opponent's stage in bubbles. 32
3 20 Hides viruses (3) in opponent's stage in bubbles. 32
4 19 Hides viruses (4) in opponent's stage in bubbles. 32
5 18 Hides viruses (6) in opponent's stage in bubbles. 32


  • Stage mode: Increases base score by 50/70/100/150/200 points for every blue virus eliminated.
  • Versus mode: If all viruses in your stage are eliminated, grants 20%/40%/60%/80%/100% chance an exploder will appear.
  • Dr. Mario World Twitter: Yellow: "The second doctor coming May 28, 2 AM PT is Dr. Dolphin! This kind doctor will let you ride on their back when you're in a pinch. Just be careful not to let your bag get wet...and please don't hurt me."[3]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese リフトン[4]
イルカ (Mario Party Advance)
リフトンタクシー (Mario Party 8)
Rifuton Takushī
Lifton; from "lift"


Lifton Taxi

Chinese (simplified) 蓝海豚
Lán Hǎitún
Blue Dolphin

Chinese (traditional) 便車海豚
Biànchē Hǎitún
Taxi Dolphin

French Dauphin
German Delfin
Italian Delfì
From delfino (dolphin)
Korean 리프튼
From the Japanese name

Portuguese Golfinho
Romanian Delfin (Super Mario World television series)
Spanish Delfín


Model of Dorrie from Super Mario 64Model of Dorrie from New Super Mario Bros.
A comparision between models of Dorrie in Super Mario 64 (left) and Super Mario 64 DS (right)
  • Blurps, Bubs, Mantas, and Jumbo Rays wear similar goggles to Dolphins. Additionally, in Super Mario 64 DS, Dorrie was redesigned with elements seemingly influenced by the Dolphins. This design is the basis for all of Dorrie's subsequent appearances.
  • The rival character Guppy from Super Mario Galaxy was initially envisioned as one of the Dolphins from Super Mario World. However, as his role was finalized as an intimidating bully with a wild nature, they shifted his design to that of the new orca character seen in the final game.[5]


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