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The DVD in Mario Party Advance

The DVD is a key item in Mario Party Advance. It is a limited-edition Toad Force V DVD, as only fifty were ever produced.

The DVD is a part of the quest DVD for Me. Ninji, a huge fan of the show, wants the DVD for his collection, and asks the player to get it for him, mentioning that someone at Mushroom Condo has a spare copy. When talking to Mushbert, a "true fan" of the show, he is perfectly fine with giving one to the player when they ask, as he has fifty. When the DVD is given to Ninji, he is ecstatic, stating that only fifty copies of the DVD exist, and gives the player the Tile Trial Gaddget as a reward. He then proceeds to excitedly watch it.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French DVD