Shroom Bloom

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Shroom Bloom

Shroom Bloom is a Gaddget from Mario Party Advance. To earn the Gaddget, the player must complete the Bestest Buds quest. The Gaddget operates by allowing the player to make their own mushrooms. On the top left corner is a meter that shows how moisturized the mushroom is. The player is supposed to keep the moisture level between the four white dots. The more the player squirts it, the more it grows and grows until it becomes a perfect mushroom. Also, the screen starts to get wet. Once it has finished growing, it is plucked away with tweezers, the meter becomes normal and the screen is magically rid of drops.


  • A Button – Mist mushroom; pluck mushroom.


  • "Grow your own mushroom, but be careful to keep the moisture juuuuust right!."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キノコさいばいセット[1]
Kinoko saibai setto
Mushroom harvesting set
French Culti-Champi Cultivate Shroom
Italian Crescifungo Growshroom


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