Egg Roll (Gaddget)

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The springed hand pops out from the Yoshi Egg in Egg Roll

Egg Roll is a Gaddget in Mario Party Advance. It can be obtained by completing the quest Kind Goomba. Egg Roll can be used to activate an egg balancing minigame. The player must try to keep the Yoshi Egg balanced in a short amount of time. Once the egg has been balanced, a random object would hatch. Some objects include a springed hand, confetti, and balloons. The faster the egg is balanced, the better the results.


  • A Button – Reset egg
  • +Control Pad – Tilt egg


  • "It's just an egg. Seems like you should be able to make it stand on end..."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ザ・タマゴ[1]
Za Tamago
The Egg

French Equilibrœuf
Pun on "équilibre" (balance) and "œuf" (egg)
German Eiertanz[2]
Egg dance
Italian Ruota-uovo


  • This Gaddget could be played on the now-defunct Mario Party Advance website if the player collected five stars.[3]


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