Debt's a Hoot

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Mario Party Advance quest
Debt's a Hoot
Debt's a Hoot in Mario Party Advance
Debt's a Hoot in Mario Party Advance
Hoot complaining about his gambling problem
Type Gambling
Location Jungle Game Hut, Jungle area
Client Hoot
Reward Stop 'Em
Description "Hoot has lost all of his money and needs the player to get rid of his debt through the Stop 'Em minigame."
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Debt's a Hoot is a quest in Mario Party Advance that takes place in Jungle Game Hut. It serves as a tutorial at the beginning of the game while playing as Princess Peach, though it can be started at any point by any character.

The quest itself starts when Hoot asks the player for help: the player can either agree to help, starting the quest, or they can freak out about the talking bird in front of them, causing Hoot to retort that the player is driving around in a shoe. Once the quest starts, Hoot explains that he gambled too much in the hut, resulting in a crippling debt. He asks the player to win some money by playing a minigame, Stop 'Em, so that he can leave. Specifically, the player starts with thirty coins, and they must collect at least one more coin (i.e. end with thirty-one or more coins) to win. Once the minigame is beaten, Hoot thanks them for removing his debt, giving them the minigame as thanks and finishing the quest.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クビがまわらない![1]
Kubi ga mawaranai!
Up to his neck (in debt)!
French Endetté jusqu'au cou Up to his neck in debt
Italian Guffy nei debiti Hoot in debt


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