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The title card for Game King
Bowser boasting

Game King is a quest in Mario Party Advance that starts at Bowser Game Hall. After Bowser and Koopa Kid brag about Bowser's status as a "game king," Bowser asks the player if they want to challenge him: they can refuse, leaving the two of them disappointed that the player isn't willing to fight, or they can agree to the challenge, starting the quest. Bowser then makes them play a gambling minigame that he purportedly made, Watch 'Em, with the promise of the player obtaining a Gaddget if they win. If the player loses (and fails to exchange one of their Mushrooms), Bowser and Koopa Kid laugh at the player, boasting about their skill before forcing them to restart the quest. Once the game's objective is completed, Bowser is left stunned by his defeat, but he still gives them the Gaddget, Jewelry Case, the minigame, and the title of "game king," ending the quest.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Le roi du jeu The king of the game
Italian Leggenda del gioco Legend of the game