Stick to It (Gaddget)

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Stick to It

Stick to It is a Gaddget found in Mario Party Advance.

This Gaddget is available from the beginning of the game. It offers help with decision-making by letting a stick fall randomly into one of 2 to 4 directions (the number can be set manually). After the stick has fallen, the player has to quit the Gaddget before being able to use it again.

This Gaddget appears in the Bonus Board mode, with each player choosing a direction and hoping the stick does not fall towards them.


  • +Control Pad – Pick number
  • A Button – Select

In-Game Instructions[edit]

  • "If you're feeling indecisive, use this! Put stuff on the choice spot!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Nientedubbi Nodoubts