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The title card for Accessorize!
Goombob meeting Goombetty

Accessorize! is a quest in Mario Party Advance given by Goombob. It is initiated when the player enters Goombob Manor and Goombob asks them for a favor. If they decline, Goombob exclaims that the player declined without even knowing what he wanted. Accepting the quest prompts Goombob to explain that he is looking for a Lovely Seashell. He wants to give it as a gift for Goombetty, and offers a reward if the player helps him. He suggests that they look for the seashell at a beach. The seashell that Goombob is looking for can be found at Sandy Beach, and can be easily picked up. Once the Lovely Seashell is given to him, Goombetty unexpectedly appears and Goombob gifts it to her. He then asks her if they could go on a date. She agrees, and Goombob happily rewards the player with the Dessert Menu Gaddget, ending the quest.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Un beau coquillage A beautiful shell
German Geschenk aus Liebe Gift out of Love
Italian Conchiglia d'amore Shell of love