Bowser Game Hall

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BowserO MPA.png
The Bowser Game Hall in Mario Party Advance

The Bowser Game Hall is a location in Mario Party Advance. It is located in the Seaside Area of Shroom City, though it can only be accessed through the Pipe House's orange Warp Pipe. It features a green stage that Bowser rests on, with Koopa Kid at his side. There are a few stacks of coins in front of him, and two decorative volcanoes in the background erupting gems. Above all of the decorations is a purple curtain with a golden trim. Bowser stands in the game hall as the self-proclaimed game king, and when the player visits him, he assumes that they want to challenge him for the title, which starts the Game King quest. Bowser makes them play one of the gambling minigames at the game hall, Watch 'Em, and when the player wins, he admits defeat and lets them keep the title, the minigame, and a Gaddget, Jewelry Case.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Casino Bowser Bowser Casino
German Bowserspielhölle Bowser Gambling Den
Italian Sala Bowser
Sala Giochi di Bowser (by Bowser)
Bowser Hall
Bowser Game Hall