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Mario Party Advance quest
Locomotionless in Mario Party Advance
Title card
Locomotionless in Mario Party Advance
Obtaining the coal
Type Misc
Location Train Station, Town area
Client Shy Guy
Reward Cake Maker
Description "The Train Station has run out of coal and Shy Guy needs to obtain some."
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Locomotionless is a quest in Mario Party Advance that starts at the Train Station. It is initiated when Shy Guy, who works at the station, asks the player for a favor; if they decline, Shy Guy apologizes for bothering them, while if they ask about the favor, the quest promptly begins. Once the player asks, Shy Guy thanks the player before explaining that the train station has run out of coal for the only train. Shy Guy needs the player to pick up some coal for him, elaborating that it can be found in the town area but not at the item shop, Junk. The player is then sent off to obtain some coal, though if they return, Shy Guy bluntly tells them that the coal can be found at the Vending Machines. The vending machines only sell coal, and the player can pick up a sack of coal for free. Shy Guy is happy to finally have some coal once the player returns with the sack, rewarding them with the Cake Maker Gaddget and thanking them multiple times, which concludes the quest.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese うごかないトレイン
Ugokanai torein
Non-moving train

French Panne de train
Train breakdown
Italian Treno in panne
Broken down train