Boss Bowser

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The title card for Boss Bowser
The card game

Boss Bowser is a quest in Mario Party Advance. It is given by Bowser when the player enters his Bowser Hideout and he challenges them to a duel. If the player declines the quest, a surprised Bowser quietly lets them leave, while if the player accepts, the quest immediately begins, with Bowser challenging them to a card game. He goes on to explain the rules of the game, which involves guessing if the card that Bowser draws is larger or smaller than the one currently on the field. The player has to guess correctly three times in a row; if they lose just once, the quest immediately ends and Bowser forces them to restart from the beginning. After losing the card game, Bowser then challenges the player to a minigame, Koopa Kappa, and after losing the minigame, he concedes and gives the player the Faux Flame and Hourglass Gaddgets, finishing the quest.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Bowser l'impétueux Bowser the impetuous
Italian Boss Bowser -