Toad Force V Figure

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The Toad Force V Figure is a key item in Mario Party Advance. It is an action figure based on the Toad Force V TV show, and, according to Lantern Ghost, every "real fan" of the show has one. Lantern Ghost is annoyed by the fact that the player does not have a figure, and tells them to buy one at Junk. At the store, Paratroopa comments on the show's popularity and how the figures are being sold so quickly that the one that the player buys is the last one in stock. Once the player returns to Horror Condo with the figure, Lantern Ghost notices the figure's mint condition, and promptly takes it from them. As a reward for officially becoming a Toad Force V fan, he gives them the Poochy Pal Gaddget. A Toad Force V Figure is also prominently featured in the Toad Force V Gaddget.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Jouet Toad Force V Toad Force V Toy
Italian Pupazzo Toad Forza V Toad Force V puppet