Chomper Stomper

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Mario Party Advance quest
Chomper Stomper
Chomper Stomper in Mario Party Advance
Chomper Stomper in Mario Party Advance
Chain Chomp's challenge
Type Duel
Location Chain Chomp, Town area
Client Chain Chomp
Reward Chain Saw
Description "Chain Chomp and the player duel with the Chain Saw minigame."
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Chomper Stomper is a quest in Mario Party Advance that starts when Chain Chomp is visited. It excitedly asks the player if they want to duel it: declining leaves it disappointed, and accepting makes it excited and starts the quest. It explains that if the player beats it at the Duel minigame, Chain Saw, they are allowed to keep it for themselves. Once Chain Chomp is defeated, it relents and rewards the player with the minigame.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワンワンちゅういほう![1]
Wanwan chūihō!
Chain Chomp warning!

French Chomp, Chomp!
Italian Osso duro
Tough guy, lit. "Hard Bone"


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